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1st repackage ‘Hello Future’ (Photo Book Ver.)

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'Double Million Seller' NCT DREAM, regular 1st repackage 'Hello Future' released on June 28th!


3 additional tracks including the title song 'Hello Future' included!


'Double Million Seller' NCT DREAM (SM)'s regular 1st album repackage 'Hello Future' will be released on June 28th.


This album consists of a total of 13 songs, including the title song 'Hello Future', 3 new songs such as 'Life Is Still Going On' and 'Bungee', and 10 songs from the first full album.


Previously, NCT DREAM became a 'double million seller' by surpassing 2 million copies in album sales in 16 days after its release with the first full-length album 'Hot Sauce', 1st in domestic album and music charts, 8 awards in music shows, and the top in iTunes. Album Chart No. 1 in 37 regions worldwide, No. 1 on United World Chart for 2 weeks in a row, No. 1 on Oricon Weekly Chart in Japan, No. 1 on Oricon overseas album chart for 2 weeks in a row, QQ Music in China, Kugou Music, Kuwo Music Digital Album Sales Chart As they confirmed their strong power by ranking first, it is expected that this repackage album will also get a lot of attention.





1. Cover: 2 types

2. Photobook: 2 types, 88 p.

3. CD-R: 2 types

4. Tattoo sticker: 1 of 2 types per version

5. Envelope: 1 per version

6. Polaroid Card: Random 1 out of 7 per version

7. Folding poster: 2 random out of 14 per version

8. Photo Card: Random 1 out of 7 for each version

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