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NCT 127

2nd Mini Album [NCT#127 LIMITLESS]

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Super rookie NCT 127, 2nd mini album
‘NCT #127 LIMITLESS’ released on January 9th!
The 2017 New Year's Eve of the K-pop Industry Hit!

Super rookie NCT 127 (NCT 127) will make a surprise comeback as a 9-member group in January 2017.

NCT 127, the Seoul team of the super-large new concept group NCT, will release the second mini album 'NCT #127 LIMITLESS' on January 9 and start full-fledged activities, so the expectations of music fans will be high. prospect.

In particular, this title song '無限的我 (LIMITLESS)', which means 'the infinite me', is an addictive urban R&B genre, and the unique rap and vocals of the NCT 127 members are impressive, of course, Based on NCT's key keywords, 'infinite openness, infinite scalability', it is expected to receive a lot of love from music fans as it features lyrics that contain the future and aspirations of NCT.

In addition, NCT 127 will make a comeback as a 9-member group with new members Johnny and Doyoung joining the existing members Taeyong, Taeil, Yuta, Jaehyun, Winwin, Mark, and Haechan. It is expected to catch the attention of global fans by presenting a stage.

Johnny, who makes his official debut as NCT 127, is a member with excellent DJing and piano playing skills with a tall stature and strong personality. '(Station) Song 'Nightmare' (Nightmare) through the music video showed a charismatic DJing performance that caught the eye, and future activities are more anticipated.

In addition, Doyoung debuted with NCT U in April and showed outstanding singing and performance skills, as well as appearing in various programs such as Mnet 'M Countdown' intern MC, entertainment program 'my SM Television' MC, OnStyle's 'Lipstick Prince' As his witty talk and facilitation skills are recognized through NCT 127, high interest is expected in the new image he will show through NCT 127.

In addition, NCT 127 debuted in July with their first mini-album 'NCT #127', and captured the attention of music fans by performing unrivaled performances through the title song 'Fire Truck', '2016 Asia Artist Awards' and ' As he won the Rookie of the Year award at the '2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards' and proved himself to be the best rookie in 2016, attention is focused on the performance he will show with this new album.

Meanwhile, NCT 127's second mini album 'NCT #127 LIMITLESS' will be released on January 9th.
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