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Nayeon (TWICE)

1st Mini Album [IM NAYEON]

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TWICE Nayeon, first solo album 'IM NAYEON' and title song 'POP!' on June 24 Release!

- 'Born2B Star' Nayeon's new chapter! "I am Nayeon" The 1st mini album with special confidence!
- Title song 'POP!', Nayeon's unique charm! A solo song that will captivate K-pop fans all over the world!
- ‘Solo artist’ Nayeon’s colorful music palette! Participated in solo lyrics writing for b-side songs and released the first featured song on Twice's release album!

TWICE Nayeon, who expresses a special presence from her name, will debut as a solo artist on June 24, 2022.

Nayeon releases her first mini album 'IM NAYEON' amid the longing and cheering of numerous domestic and foreign K-pop fans. His first solo album 'IM NAYEON' means his real name 'Im Nayeon' and at the same time holds the meaning of "I 'M NAYEON", that is, "I am Nayeon." Nayeon, a 'born to be star', whose name alone can explain everything, stands out for her attractive posture, competence, and self-confidence.

The title song 'POP!' is a song that makes full use of Nayeon's unique charm, as the title suggests. It is a pop song that delivers intense energy with live instrument sounds such as bass, guitar, and horn, and contains a confident and captivating message to unleash the heart of the opponent who has swelled up like a bubble. The exhilarating beat and addictive melody catch your ears, and the magical charm that will captivate K-pop fans all over the world with lyrics like "You can't escape me already" and "Don't put up with your love for me" spit out Famous writers such as KENZIE, LDN Noise, and Isran collaborated to create the most 'naive' song, and Nayeon doubled the charm of the song with her unique tone and fresh energy.

Nayeon's first album includes the title song 'POP!', 'NO PROBLEM (Feat. Felix of Stray Kids)', 'LOVE COUNTDOWN (Feat. Wonstein)', 'CANDYFLOSS' (Candy Floss), 'ALL OR NOTHING', 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU', and 'The sunset is pretty'. K-pop hit song maker Shim Eun-ji, earattack, British DJ Shift K3Y, American famous producing team The Stereotypes', global girl group Little Mix member Jade Sulwell Thirlwall) and other prominent domestic and foreign writers embroidered the credits.

Standing at her new starting point as her 'her solo artist', Nayeon paints her own picture on her pure white canvas with a music palette that has been colorfully packed for 7 years since her debut. In the 5th track 'ALL OR NOTHING', she wrote the lyrics for herself, and she released the sincere feelings she felt while living as a single youth, and on the 3rd track 'LOVE COUNTDOWN (Feat. and revealed her musicality. In particular, she will feature songs from other artists for the first time on her Twice release album. 'NO PROBLEM (Feat. Felix of Stray Kids)' in collaboration with Felix, a member of the K-pop trending boy group Stray Kids, and 'LOVE COUNTDOWN (Feat. Wonstein)' with rapper Wonstein with a unique voice It provides a different kind of enjoyment.

Through her first solo work under her own name, Nayeon is expected to demonstrate the true value of 'Im Nayeon' as the main pillar of 'K-pop representative girl group' TWICE. From her cool charisma to her supremely lovely appearance, she has been loved by her global fans for her infinite charm and her dazzling performance as a solo artist begins right now with ‘I am Nayeon’.



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