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1st EP [Belief]

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msftz 1st EP [Belief]

The first EP release of ‘msftz’, the muse that bridges the border between indie and pop!

A next-generation KPOP singer-songwriter who participated in the production of all songs on the first album after debut!

msftz, who is loved for their innocent appearance and charming voicestone, is releasing their first EP album [Belief] after 1 year and 11 months since their debut.

In this album [Belief], in which Misfits participated in writing, composing and arranging all songs, there are a total of 6 songs that unravel Misfits' various inner thoughts with iconic lyrics and addictive melodies. Through honest lyrics without addition or subtraction, it is telling a story for 'youth' that has been expanded from a general love story, and conveys a message of empathy and support to people through music. In addition, as if symbolizing youth who confidently expresses their own colors in music videos and concept images, they are drawing people's attention by adding fun with bold makeup and conceptual clothes that have never been seen before. Through the release of this album, Misfits will present not only songs but also various contents, and will show both a professional artist's appearance and a girlish human charm.

Through this album, Misfits, who musically unraveled the preciousness of 'belief' in himself and all thoughts and feelings from himself, speaks to everyone in the world.

“Honey, respect your feelings! And trust your own heart!”
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