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* MONSTA X, 4 years of growth..Completed style..Perfect teamwork
* 2nd full album full version.. reinterpretation of K-pop - overwhelming performance, to the world
* Title song 'Alligator' sings of an irresistible fate

Monsta X, who has drawn a steady growth curve, foretells a dramatic reversal. Debut survival, which has been rough since birth, the first terrestrial music show No. 1 and 4 gold medals, 25 world tours in 20 cities around the world, and the 'Jingle Ball' tour with 120,000 audiences in 6 cities in the United States. In just 4 years, MONSTA X, who drew a steep graph, opened a new beginning with the support of global fans. In that sense, the worldview, which sequentially connects the emotions of youth and hope, is more persuasive as it interlocks with their growth narrative. As a result of step-by-step solidarity, MONSTA X, which is currently receiving the attention and expectations of K-Pop, will reveal the completed style and perfect teamwork.

From powerful hip-hop that appeals to emotions to Party Anthem that dominates the senses, the new album 'WE ARE HERE' is the second album of the 2nd regular album following 'ARE YOU THERE?' released in October of last year. to be. The album, which penetrates the theme of finding hope in the midst of loss and wandering, sings ‘the emotions that can be felt because we are you and me’. In this process, love and dreams are expressed in each chapter for each song, and each vibration is gathered to derive the keyword ‘empathy’. The overwhelming performance that stimulated emotions and senses at the same time, along with the detailed story setting, deserves to be called MONSTA X's unique style.

The backbone of the album is the coexistence of clearer team colors and reinterpreted trends. The title song ‘Alligator’, which is optimized for the team, is the central axis that supports the entire album. ‘Alligator’ is a dance song that mixes and matches Monsta X’s unique hip-hop sound with powerful future pop sound. The addictive hook that pulls them into each other's swamp and the overwhelming emotional flow are impressive, and Monsta X's unique grammar is applied as it is, enough to present the highlight of this album.

Each track plays a huge role in weaving it into one album. First of all, the familiar sentiment that fits the Monsta X formula in songs such as 'Alligator', which features a rough bass and tight groove, 'No Reason' to find comfort in an unstable world, and 'Party Time' with a chorus that sticks in your ears even in complex patterns to convey On the other hand, 'Nightmare', a new reinterpretation of the hip-hop trend with a dreamy and dark image, 'Play it Cool', a refreshing track by world-class DJ and producer Steve Aoki, and an addictive synth riff by matching a smooth melody to give a strong impression. The 'turbulence' gives off fresh energy and maintains unity.
Each song has a story that is faithful to the theme, and tracks are piled up to unravel the team's solid narrative. Rather than simply appealing to emotions, the feeling of consolation that ‘can be felt because it is you and me and us’ is expressed through universal empathy. The dream team, including DJ Steve Aoki, who presented a sophisticated track, producer Daniel Kim of the last album title song ‘Shoot Out’, STEREO14, singer-songwriter Brothersoo, Punch Sound, and lyricist Jieum Seo, participated and completed a structured album. Here, Jooheon and I.M actively participated in all tracks, and Wonho once again revealed the team's self-producing ability through his self-composed song 'No Reason'.

The message in this album to deliver consolation starts from the members' shared consciousness of finding hope in the end. The emotion of comforting each other's wounds and running for the dreams and hopes of the past is as strong as self-confession. Global music platform Pandora and foreign media selected them as the K-pop groups to pay attention to in 2019, and Monsta X World is expanding its territory infinitely, including the achievements of the world tour. Monsta X, which has been carrying out meaningful propaganda, has successfully laid the foundation for the future of K-Pop.



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-ALBUM BOOKLET: 134p / 150x210mm (Images vary by version)

-CD-R: 1 type (images differ by version)

-Personal PHOTO CARD: Random insertion of 2 types out of 56 types / 62 x 88mm (same image for each version)


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