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- 'Monsta X' brand, unique team color 'One Of A Kind'
- A moment of fatal temptation... 'GAMBLER', which will show 100% of MONSTA X
- Jooheon, first title song producer in 6 years since debut...I.M-Hyungwon participated in self-composed song

Monsta X is aiming for the best moment with the new mini album 'One Of A Kind'. This is a new album released about 7 months after the 3rd full album 'Fatal Love' released in November 2020. Interest in this comeback is hotter than ever. Impressive records in the North American music market, No. 1 on the Japanese Oricon album chart, swept ceremonies at the '2020 AAA' and other awards ceremonies, and even the performances of Jooheon and I.M. It is a new album that will once again highlight the climax of the moment.

The 9th mini album 'One Of A Kind' is the result of emphasizing 100% purity of MONSTA X. It was titled 'One Of A Kind' in the sense that it shows the style of Monsta X completed with stronger teamwork and deeper music and performance. This also means the identity of MONSTA X, which has a unique team color in the fierce K-Pop scene. The visuals armed with a blockbuster scale, the immersion of a movie-like music video, and the intense music and performance are still overwhelming.

The title song 'GAMBLER' was produced by Jooheon, a member of MONSTA X, and is a signature track showing fatal charm. It is a song about the feeling of being attracted to each other, giving and receiving everything, and it is enough to convey the confident energy of MONSTA X. Starting with Jooheon's narration, 'If you don't know, now you know', which became the key keyword of this song, it provides a sense of immersion without a break.

The message of 'GAMBLER', which compares the moment of suffocation to a game full of tension, is further embodied through the music video. The story that takes place in the secret auction delivers a mysterious thrill under the meticulous composition and mysterious atmosphere of a crime movie. The various styling of the members who appear while going back and forth on the colorful stage and runway is also impressive.

Monsta X, who showed a high level of participation in each album, was also named in the lyricist and composer team for many songs this time. Jooheon, who was in charge of producing Monsta X's first title song, participated in all songs, including the cool drive song 'Heaven', and I.M, who left an impressive record with a mixtape, was also listed on the credits of all songs, including his own song 'Rotate'. In addition, Hyungwon, who is also active as DJ H. ONE, put the promise he made with his fans for 6 years through the b-side song 'BEBE'. As each member has expanded their respective domains through various activities, it will be an opportunity to show MONSTA X's distinct musical growth.

MONSTA X opens another start with the support of global fans. Monsta X, who previously won the 'Stage of the Year' category at '2020 AAA' with their 3rd full album, and won the first grand prize in 6 years of debut, received the '2020 MMA' Best Performance Award, '2020 MAMA' Best Stage Award, and '2020 TMA'. ' Artist of the Year Award, '35th Golden Disc Awards' Best Group Award, '2020 APAN Music Awards' TOP10, Represent Song Of This Year, etc. In addition, the Japanese single 'WANTED' released in March topped the Oricon charts, proving the presence of a global group once again. Armed with differentiated music and performances, Monsta X is drawing attention from music fans around the world to see what it will look like with 'One Of A Kind'.




* Album Specifications


- OUTSLEEVE: 170x170 mm / 1 type (image different by version)

- PHOTO BOOK: 170x170 mm / 128p / 1 type (different image by version)

- LYRIC BOOK: 170×170 mm / 20p / 1 type (different image by version) 

- DISC: 1 type (image by version)

- PHOTO CARD: 62×88 mm / random insert 1 type of 6 (image different by version) 

- STICKER: 160×160 mm / Insert 1 type (image different by version) 





- UNIT PHOTO CARD: 62×88 mm / Insert random 1 out of 15 types (same image by version) 

- ROLLING PAPER MESSAGE CARD: 160×160 mm / Insert random 1 type out of 6 (same image by version) 

- PAPER ORNAMENT: 170x170 mm / insert random 1 out of 6 (same image by version) 

- FOLDED POSTER: Insert random 1 out of 6 types 510×340 mm (same image by version)

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