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Monsta X's infinite expansion... K-pop company using the world as a stage

Monsta X, who took a snow stamp around the world, drives forward with momentum. World tour of 20 cities around the world, '2019 Teen Choice Awards', a popular awards ceremony in the United States,'IHeartradio Music Festival' and'Life Is Beautiful Festival', collaborations with overseas artists such as Steve Aoki, Will.I.M, etc. They settled in the pop market by experiencing the release of English singles and various TV programs. Monsta X, which has garnered more than a remarkable K-pop group, announces a new beginning at the right moment.

In that sense, the new album <'FOLLOW': FIND YOU> clearly engraves the identity of MONSTA X. As each album has delivered an organically connected message, their philosophy and story of'finding hope in loss and wandering' are valid again this time. All songs maintained a tight tension along the flow and increased concentration. In this process, emotional stories such as music, videos, and performances representing Monsta X's worldview will become more persuasive and will serve as an opportunity to spread'interest' to'empathy'. <'FOLLOW': FIND YOU> sings the story of not being alone through the message that connects to the previous work and the process of mutual understanding of each other.


Among them, the two songs of the same name, “Find you” and “Follow,” are the two main pillars of the Monsta X style. Efficient composition that focuses on excellent scripts increases the immersion of the album. The song'Find You', which penetrates the world view of MONSTA X, transcends time and space and unfolds the unity of the members as one, and the concentration at the beginning enables the appreciation of the album as well.


In particular, the title song'Follow', which arouses excitement with a sense of fast rhythm, presents a highlight by popping emotions through the stage of victory. Based on the EDM sound, the sound of Korean folk instruments has been harmonized to create a unique and intense atmosphere, and the mumbaton beat that shakes the shoulders and the addictive chorus created a groove feeling as if running out. The process of maturing by giving sympathy to the team's narrative is depicted, and it is deserved to be called the most MONSTA X-down song with music, video, performance, and worldview connected. It was composed by hit makers DANIEL KIM, WILLIE WEEKS, ANDREAS OBERG, and SKYLAR MONES, and popular lyricist Seo Ji-eum, producer and singer-songwriter Brother Sue helped. In addition, Jooheon and I.M participated in rap making and added the completeness of the song.


The compelling sound composition remains undisturbed. 'Monsta Truck', where you can feel the powerful image and leisure of Monsta X, gives you thrilling pleasure, and in the R&B genre'U R'and'Mirror', it forms a sexy aura with a groovy rhythm and chorus. It is also impressive that the rhythms that excite the body are planted everywhere while creating a fascinating atmosphere. The lively excitement continues in the hip-hop track ‘Disaster’ and ‘Burn it up’. The clear melody and suppleness harmonize to give power to the funky development. In addition to the cheerfully popping MONSTA X's signature sound, it is enough to deliver the climax of charm with various configurations that give a certain impact. The entire album is structured so that it can be interpreted in various ways in accordance with the timeline of the worldview established by MONSTA X.


The new album <'FOLLOW': FIND YOU> still reveals their own style according to their own formula. And the clear color is getting sharpest right now. It brings out sympathy and announces that the style of MONSTA X has been completed from the selection of the subject and the story development to interpretation. It is time to pay attention to the new trends that Monsta X, which has become a strong brand, will present.



*Album specifications

-PHOTOBOOK: 150x190mm / 72p

-CD-R: 4 types-Group mini poster: 150x190mm / 1 type inserted (design differs by version)

-Lyrics collection: 150x190mm / 32p / Random insertion of one of seven types (same design for each version)

-Personal photo card: 62x88mm / Randomly insert 1 out of 7 types (depending on version design)

-Personal life-size card: 100x165mm / Random insertion of one of seven types (same design for each version)

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