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* The moment of climax, the hottest we have to face..'FANTASIA X'* Monsta X's 5 year record... Clear upward curve sweeping the Korea-US-Japan chart


The fierce debut survival, the moment of first place in music broadcasting, 25 world tours in 20 cities around the world,'Jingle Ball' tour with 120,000 audiences in 6 cities in the United States, No. 1 on the Japanese Oricon Chart, and No. 5 on the American Billboard 200 . Until now, every moment for MONSTA X has been a challenge. The reason why MONSTA X was able to captivate fans on the other side of the globe was only the solidly structured content. It has gained sympathy from global fans by continuously showing trendy music, music videos that connect the world view, and powerful performances, and is being criticized for showing another possibility of the K-pop market.As such, the expectations of fans for this album are extraordinary. MONSTA X's MINI ALBUM'FANTASIA X'presents an expanded worldview with a blockbuster scale. Through this album, MONSTA X delivers the message of'unchanging self-worth'.


"We repeat trial and error every day. Nevertheless, we create tomorrow without stopping. We can get one thing only with a hundred efforts, but even that easily gets through. The time and time pouring out toward me as if to become more solid with a fierce process. Jealousy, anticipation and disappointment, and in search of a place that will not shake even in the harsh storm.” 'FANTASIA X'refers to the place where I should be, the hot moment of that feeling that I first felt.This also implies a strong will not to lose the original spirit and a sense of never becoming weak. This new album “FANTASIA X”, which is like their lives fighting against themselves every day, contains a new world that MONSTA X will record again.In addition, the visual performance that is absolutely indispensable when it comes to Monsta X will once again confirm a more intense and mature aura than before.


The title song'FANTASIA' is a song that stands out with MONSTA X's signature energetic and powerful, and conveys the spirit and spirit of breaking everything in the way. Ethnic melodies and dynamic synth sounds harmonize with tight rhythms to create an intense atmosphere.The sub title song “FLOW” produced by Jooheon is also impressive. It created a dynamic feeling with an arrangement that intersects pop sound, intense synth, and Dub sound. While making use of Jooheon's unique lapping and intuitive hook, he did not miss the delicate details through an emotional melody.


'ZONE', produced by I.M, a member who is expanding into a producer, like Jooheon,'Chaotic', which combines dubstep and rock sound to complete a grand scale, and a sophisticated synth-pop style song that gives a glimpse of the understated sexyness of the members. Various tracks such as IT AIN'T OVER' are arranged to show MONSTA X's unique musicality.Although this album is on the same line as the previous works, it gives another possibility. So, the dominance of each track and the distinct team color deepened. You can also feel the maturity and musicality of the members that you did not feel in the last album. 'FANTASIA X'is an album that solidifies MONSTA X's solid identity, and will be a signal of the K-pop scene that will turn challenges into confidence.



*Album specifications

-PHOTOBOOK: 175x230mm / 108p (Images vary by version)

-CD-R: Insert 1 type (images differ by version)

-Photocard: 62x88mm / Randomly inserted one of 6 types (images differ by version)

-Sticker: 140x140mm / Insert 1 type (same image for each version)

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