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10th Mini Album [NO LIMIT]

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- Congested world-Monsta X's message 'Rush Hour' to an infinitely competitive society
- Jooheon, title song producer... 100% of Monsta X's unchanging teamwork

MONSTA X goes straight to the world with confident steps. 'No Limit' is an album that will show MONSTA X's signature 'dynamics' once again, and it is the result of the conviction that it will literally go beyond the limits and show a unique presence in the K-pop scene.

'No Limit' was attached as the album title in the sense of conveying the infinite possibilities of MONSTA X, 'without limits' no matter what the circumstances. It is the members' insistence on 'We go our own way', and it is also the identity of MONSTA X that shines in the era of fierce endless competition.

The title song 'Rush Hour' delivers a single message that runs through the new album. It is a song that compares the word 'Rush Hour', which means a busy situation or time, to a complicated world, and returns to a dynamic song again, expressing MONSTA X's unique identity, ambition, and confidence. This is the second title song with members Jooheon and YE-YO!, and the team colors of MONSTA X with stronger teamwork and confidence have become more distinct. It is also an anthem that gives strength to the global fandom 'Monbebe' with the will to plant a flag of victory in the world.

The unstoppable energy of the music is delivered more vividly through the music video. In the cold gray city, the members who jump into competition at every moment have pioneered a barren land and walked their own path. Monsta X's fierce stride toward the finish line was expressed with the rough texture of off-road, and the still fierce competition was expressed as the tightness of hanging from a high place. The splendid visual beauty of going back and forth between the cold city and the land is enough to capture the eye by delivering a unique thrill.

Monsta X, who showed a high level of participation in each album, was also named in the lyricist and composer team for many songs this time. Jooheon took charge of producing the title song following 'GAMBLER' and took the center stage of MONSTA X's music, while I.M and Hyungwon also recorded their own songs 'Just love' and 'Mercy', demonstrating MONSTA X's distinct musical growth. It is also impressive that it contains many Monbebe-themed songs such as the title song 'Rush Hour', 'Autobahn' and 'I got love'. Although we are physically distancing ourselves from the wall of reality, it contains the message of expressing gratitude to the fans and waiting for the day to meet in person.

Monsta X, which has reached its 7th anniversary since debut, plans to further solidify the status of K-pop through this album.



*Album Specifications

(VER.1 / VER.2 / VER.3 / VER.4)

- PHOTO BOOK : 150x200mm / 96p (images are different for each version)

- DISC: Insert 1 type (images are different for each version)

- PHOTOCARD : 62x88mm / Insert one random type out of 5 types (images are different for each version)

- STICKER: 120x160mm / Insert 1 type (images are different for each version)

- FOLDED POSTER : 280x380mm / Random 1 out of 5 inserts (same image for each version)

*Pre-Order Benefits

- UNIT PHOTOCARD : 62x88mm / Random 1 type out of 10 types (same image for each version)

- FLAG PHOTO BOOKMARK : 40x110mm / Random 1 out of 5 inserts (same image for each version)

- FILM PHOTO: 140x60mm / Random one out of five inserts (same image for each version)



*This album is come out at 2021-11-19

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