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1st Mini Album [Painted÷LOVE:)] (PINK ver.)

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6-member rookie boy group MEGAMAX releases their debut mini album ‘Painted÷LOVE:)’!

‘Painted÷LOVE:)’ album that will be a mega hit is released!

The rookie boy group MEGAMAX (in Media A&D) will release their first mini album and begin their full-fledged activities.

Mega Max's first mini album 'Painted ÷ LOVE:)' consists of a total of 10 tracks and is expected to capture the attention of fans around the world by showing the colorful charm of Mega Max.

The title song of this album, 'Painted÷LOVE:)', is a song that expresses a strong love that is deeply touched and not easily forgotten, and the members' soft vocals and powerful rap performance stand out.

In particular, the refreshing ‘falsetto’ singing method makes the listener comfortable and immersed in the mood of the song.

It is a song that expresses the heartbreaking and mournful but sweet 'first love', and 'first love', which sometimes hurts at times to be alone, but makes it impossible to get out of it when you think about it.

‘Painted÷LOVE:)’… Once again, attention is paid to MEGAMAX's move, which is painful but longs for love.

[Track Introduction]


Genre - Hip Hop, Rap

This is a trap song that announces the start of MEGAMAX's first full-length album, and it is a track with a strong sound and a rough feeling. INTRO, made with the meticulous rap and vocals of MEGAMAX members, announces a new move.

02. Painted÷LOVE:) <TITLE>

Genre - Medium Pop

The title song 'Painted Love', which expresses a strong love that is deeply pierced and not easily forgotten, is a refreshing 'falsetto' singing method that makes the listener feel comfortable with his unrivaled vocal skills and Aiden's rap performance. will fall in

A song that expresses the sweet and mournful first love.

It is a song that adds MEGAMAX's unique atmosphere and refreshing taste to the refreshing sound of first love that makes you fall in love and can't get out of it when you think of it, although sometimes it hurts to be alone in love.

03. On Your Way

Genre - Ballad, HIP HOP, EDM

It is a song that encompasses a variety of genres and is a dreamlike dance song about a young youth who wants to be loved by looking at only one woman.

It is a song that exudes the masculine beauty of MEGAMAX that looks strong but has a weak heart. It is also a song that expresses the feeling of KPOP by meeting the members' balanced vocals and raps with the sound riffs of HOUSE-based instruments.

In particular, the composer aiming team that worked with Megamax is a hit composer group that participated in the production of a number of idol music such as the Renaissance album, which sold 500,000 copies of Super Junior, and TWICE, IZone, CRAVITY, and Hot Issue.

04. Will you hug me (HUG) <TITLE>

Genre - Pop, Dance

Painted÷LOVE:) and the double title song, it's a refreshing and exciting pop dance song that even lovers of snoring will soon be relieved when they hear this song.

It expresses the heart of love that does not change despite frequent quarrels, and the bright and refreshing voice of the members, like two hands holding tight hands, further accentuates the candid heart of love, who always protects you when you are tired or when you are tired.

05. Mammam (Heart Heart)

Genre - R&B, Pop

It is a cute and refreshing expression of a heart that is sweeter than candy, and it is a song where you can feel the pure heart that does not know what to do with its lovely appearance.

The fresh voice of the members doubles the feeling of falling in love as if electricity flows through the body and the sweetness emanating from the song.

06. Chemistry

Genre - Dance, Rap

It is a song that expresses Love Story + Chemistry between the two as ‘Chemistry’.

The basic hip-hop base and the pop-like hook melody are added to express the feelings of a lover honestly and boldly. PLUCK sound and BRASS's unique sound combine to better express their chemistry and add MEGAMAX's sensibility. adds excitement.

*Album Specifications

[2 types in total (BLUE ver. / PINK ver.)]

-ALBUM COVER (210mm*180mm): 1 type per version

-PHOTO BOOK : 1 type per version / 72 pages

-1 CD : 1 type per version

-PHOTO CARD: Random 1 out of 6 per version

-POST CARD: Random 1 out of 6 per version

-LYRICS BOOK : 1 type / 20 pages
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