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MCND coming January 8,2ND MINI ALBUM [MCND AGE] releasedThe beginning of a new era of “HIT & GET”

MCND announces the start of 2021 with a new album.


MCND's 2ND MINI ALBUM [MCND AGE] is an album that contains MCND's aspiration to destroy and dominate the stage as well as lead a new era with their own music. It consists of two versions, a HIT version and a GET version.

MCND, which unveiled the comeback scheduler on the 27th, exudes charisma that cannot be met through the concept photo released on the 28th, and a bold step forward wearing an intense red color costume lands on the earth and pioneers a new era. It was reminiscent of MCND and attracted attention.


In addition, MCND released an INDIVIDUAL PHOTO containing the different charms of the five members on the 29th, and MCND's grown visuals, which gave a reversal of stylish and luxurious images, overwhelmed the eye and raised expectations for [MCND AGE]. Amplified.


In particular, [MCND AGE] depicts a story that connects to the debut album [into the ICE AGE] and 1ST MINI ALBUM [EARTH AGE], foretelling the birth of a high-quality album, and with a strong ambition to freeze the stage when arriving in the longed-for earth. MCND, which dominated the music industry, is raising questions about what kind of new era will begin.


MCND's 2ND MINI ALBUM [MCND AGE] will be released on January 8.


*Album specifications

-OUTBOX: 2 types (HIT Ver. /GET Ver.)

-PHOTO BOOK: 80p (Images vary by version)

-CD: 1 type (images differ by version)-STICKER: Insert 1 type (images differ by version)

-BOOKMARK: Insert random 1 out of 5 (different images by version)

-PHOTO CARD: Insert random 1 out of 10 (images differ by version)

-FOLDING POSTER: Insert 1 type (same image for each version)

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