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Mark Tuan

[the other side]

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Mark Tuan catapulted into international stardom after debuting as a member of the K-pop boy group GOT7; who have become one of the most popular boy groups of all time; billions of video views, sold-out arenas worldwide and one of the most passionate and loyal fan bases globally over the past 10 years.

While Got7 remains intermittently active, Mark has moved back to Los Angeles and put his full focus fully on his debut solo album His; The Other Side. The music unveils a new side of him; lyrically intimate and giving his fans a new glimpse into who he is as an artist and person...raw and emotional, but buried within stunning pop production and hooks.

Mark has one of the most engaged sets of social media accounts in the world; millions of followers on every platform, including newly launched YouTube, TikTok accounts, where he's instantly added a gigantic new set of eyes & ears ready to see what's next. While the album contains the sonic qualities and energy that made Mark a global star; it unveils a new side to the artist... undeniably catchy and instant pop music and hooks, but unafraid to be completely raw and exposed lyrically. A deep and intimate depth buried in stunning anthemes and heartbreaking ballads.

[Album Specifications]
1. Photobook
Size 148 x 210 total 1 piece
2. Outbox
Size 165 x 228 total 1 piece
3. Folding poster
266 x 420 Random 1 out of 2 types
4. Photocard
101 x 152 Random 2 out of 4
5. Stickers
207 x 82 total 1 piece
6. Two Polaroid images
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