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Mini 11st [Waw]

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Mamamoo, who showed a variety of appearances in each album by releasing 'Dingga' and 'AYA' in succession in October, started the 'Where Are We (WAW)' project to mark the 7th anniversary of their debut. As the name suggests, the girl group Mamamoo is going to show the sincerity of the many things that they have gone through over the past 7 years, the honest feelings they feel now and thoughts about the future. The eleventh mini-album [WAW], released with the foreshadowing of its beginning, splendidly decorates the beginning of the epic.

'Where Are We' from Mamamoo's eleventh mini-album [WAW] asks questions to the 'us' themselves, reminiscing about the countless events they encountered in the past seasons while walking silently and vigorously for 7 years. Where am I standing now and how much more is left to go? It's just abstract questions unanswered, but one thing is certain: you've been with us on any journey.

The title song 'Where Are We Now' starts on the road where you and I stand. We do not know at what point we are standing now, but we are together at this moment and convey the preciousness and gratitude to those beautiful days that we ran together after several seasons. And although we do not know what kind of road will unfold in the future, we sing that we will walk together not far away. Mamamoo's explosive vocals and rich harmonies in the string sound that harmonizes at times as gentle as a breeze, and at times magnificently as if swallowed are enough to captivate listeners' ears.

The eleventh mini album [WAW], including the title song 'Where Are We Now', fills all the songs with ballads, delivering a deep impression with Mamamoo's voice. 'Tomorrow's You, Today's Me (Another Day)' is a song that prepares to say goodbye to a relationship that has lost its meaning, and 'A Memory for Life' is a lyrical melody that melts the heartbreaking feelings of trying to erase the past. , 'We were destined to meet again in the end Part.2 (Destiny Part.2)', which was recorded in the last regular album and received a lot of love, was re-arranged with Mamamoo's delicate vocals and beautiful piano melody, and recorded as the fifth hidden track. 'Obviously we were good back then (Happier than Ever)' is scheduled to be released on a music site alone in the future.

The music video for the title song 'Where Are We Now' is in collaboration with director Hobin of HOBIN film, which stands out for its unique sensuous color and storytelling. I was in a time of deep loneliness where I thought I was alone, but when the spotlight illuminates the world and the many lights become one, I know that my friends have been with me all the time make it sound

Mamamoo's eleventh mini-album [WAW] is the first chapter of the 'Where Are We (WAW)' project, and plans to release summer concerts and documentaries sequentially. The new challenges Mamamoo will show in the future, as if there is another starting point at the end of the road, will unfold infinitely and splendidly with us.




*Album specifications


-OUT PACKAGE: 140x190x26mm / 1 type

-CD-R: 118x118mm / 1 random out of 4

-PHOTO BOOK: 128x177mm (96p) / 1 type

-LETTER BOOK: 128x177mm (12p) / 1 type inserted

-FILM PHOTO: 70x60mm / Insert random one out of four

-PHOTO CARD: 55x85mm / Insert 2 random types out of 12

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