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SOLAR : rise

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April 7th, 2nd Single Album [SOLAR: rise] released!

-Prepare for upgraded music and performance with the title song “DADADA”!

-4 people, 4 colors, full of personality, looking forward to be a hot rookie in 2021!

In September of last year, the talented performance group Luna Solar, who debuted with their first album [SOLAR: flare], performed a live stage like a performance using a custom hand microphone on every stage, released their second single album [SOLAR: Rise] in six months. Reveal.

Luna Solar's new album [SOLAR: rise], which will be released on April 7th, means the rising sun. If the first album [SOLAR: flare] indicated the emergence of Luna Solar and the birth of an identity, this album is Luna Solar's It contains the meaning of rising, that is, growth and emergence.

The title song “DADADA” of the second album [SOLAR: rise] is the same song as a bright declaration shouting'I will do it my way'. This song was created by composers BXN and KEEBOMB with various artists to make use of Luna Solar's unique personality. Deep house-based FAT bass sound, chord progression that crosses major and minor, and analog synth sound that spread sharply from the hook. It is a song full of fun to listen to with the harmonious harmony of the shoal and chorus. Also, like the song'I'm just me and that's enough,' meaning everything starts from loving me, the lyrics are impressive, saying that if I'm confident, everyone wants me.

“BOM BI DI BOM” of the second track is the second song with the composers KZ, HONEYSWEAT, and BO of Luna Solar's debut song'I Love To Play (OH YA YA YA)'. A guitar line This is a Latin pop and Mumbaton genre that stands out. It has an addictive hook line that will not be forgotten once you listen to it. In particular, the upgraded Luna Solar members' gorgeous vocals and their own energetic vocals harmonize with the track, so beautiful harmony catches your ears even if you listen to them once.

The third track “Lonely” is a Mumbaton-style electronic genre, with Latin elements, minor chord patterns, and whistle sounds in hooks giving a unique feel. In particular, for “Lonely”, Luna Solar's leader Lee Seo directly participates in the rap lyrics, and Lee Seo's unique voice and emotion perfectly express the loneliness and loneliness of “Lonely”, enhancing the completeness of the song. It is a song that gives you a completely different charm from the existing Luna Solar, with the lyrics ‘I loved because I was lonely, but love makes me lonely,’ along with Seo’s attractive rap. This album [SOLAR: rise] consists of three concepts: “I am”, “ready”, and “4 rise”, and “I am” that contains the comfort and youthfulness of Luna Solar's daily life and with fans You can feel the various charms of Luna Solar not only musically, but also in the composition of the album, from “ready” to “ready” with free-spirited and open-minded charm while preparing for a meeting, and “4 rise” which embodies Luna Solar as an artist on the stage.

The music video for the title song “DADADA” was produced by director Shin Hee-won with EXO, Red Velvet, SHINee, Seventeen, Hyuna, BTOB, etc., and contains not only the colors of the members Luna Solar, but also the charms of each member. You can feel it together.

On the other hand, Luna Solar's new album [SOLAR: Rise], which was featured in KBS Yoo Hee-yeol's sketchbook after a month of debut, and appeared in the undying masterpiece, Hidden Singer, as a talented girl group, was released online and offline on April 7th. You can meet them at the same time, and this activity will also show a live stage like a performance on every stage.


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