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LUNA - Special Edition [MOONLIGHT]

Global band LUNA is releasing a special edition 'MOONLIGHT' for the fandom 'Moonlight' that has lit their path brightly.

This special edition includes the alternative pop rock number 'Beautiful Breakup' with the paradoxical sadness of a beautiful breakup, the pop punk number 'Love Paranoia' with a funky bass and addictive melody, and 'Your' with the voices of the five members. It's an album that captures LUNA's growth process and musical diversity without filtration.

In particular, 'Beautiful Breakup' is a song in which producer Ryan Jeon and Dahit Bangers, who are called K-pop trendsetters, participated, and the rich harmony and harmony of emotions stand out. In addition, the popular idol JR participated in writing the lyrics for 'Love Paranoia', which has catchy lyrics. โ€˜Iโ€™ll Be Your Nightโ€™ is a ballad number with pathetic vocals on a sweet piano, and the colorful vocals of each member and the deep appeal and chorus embedded in them harmonize to make the lyrics stand out.

In addition, LUNA's songs that have not yet been released to the world were recorded as unreleased tracks, and [Midnight Fantasy] was included as a special track, raising expectations for the album. Through this special edition, LUNA is planning to unravel the harmony of deep emotions and various emotions that sometimes do not know where to go.
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