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LUCY - 2nd EP [BLUE]

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LUCY's 2nd EP 'BLUE', with the theme of the band LUCY itself, illuminates the musical sensibility and rich expressiveness of each LUCY member, while at the same time capturing the harmonious synergy that occurs when they become one.

We have blues of different saturation and temperature, but when we are together, we become the warmest blues.



*Album Specifications

- OUTBOX: 217*153*15mm

- COMMENTARY BOOKLET: 145*215mm / 80P

- CD-R: Insert 1 type

- POST CARD: 170*120mm / 5 types inserted

- COLORCHIP CARD: 70*90mm / Insert 1 type

- STICKER: 100*150mm / Insert 2 types

- PHOTO CARD: 55*85mm / random insertion of 1 out of 8 types

- POSTER (folded): 420*297mm / Insert 1 type

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LUCY - 2nd EP [BLUE]
$13.40 USD
$13.40 USD

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