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Loose fit pin tuck shirring sweat shirt balloon mini dress

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" Light fit and comfortable mood sweat shirt shirring flare mini dress "

It is a sweat shirt flare mini dress with a simple and basic design and a pintuck detail from the bust line to the high waist line, which has natural shirring, so it is good to use as a body cover look.
In addition, it has a loose fit and is comfortable to wear, and it is a recommended item that stands out uniquely with a moderate balloon point that is not excessive given the sweat shirt design and the pin tuck detail on the shoulder and sleeve lines.
It is a mini-dress that can be used in a casual mood and a lovely feeling at the same time, and can be easily coordinated in any place.
I recommend it even more because it can create a cute look when paired with flat shoes, and a casual style when paired with sneakers~♡

You can wear it comfortably and beautifully with a lively mood such as daily look, date look, and campus look.


Size : 44 - 66 Free

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