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Summer Special Mini Album [Flip That]

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Loona Summer Special Mini Album [Flip That]

Loona's new journey. Contrary to the dull and gloomy daily life, the girls dream sweet dreams of midsummer in a completely different space that opens up when they close their eyes for a while.

In Mnet's contest program 'Queendom 2', LOONA, who has been imprinted on the public by showing a wide spectrum of unlimited charm transformations on every stage of each contest, is making a comeback with a summer special mini album after about a year since the release of [&]. do.

This summer special mini-album 'Flip That', unlike the strong image it has shown so far, contains LOONA's own refreshing and dreamy new color for summer, and continues to pay homage to the LOONAverse that has been developed so far. The anticipation for the next worldview series to be released is heightened.

1. The Journey (Intro)

It gathers the hearts of girls who want to escape from the repetitive daily life as a single energy.

2. Flip That (Title)

It is a UK House-based song that contains a bold ambition to turn the world upside down. The bright energy of LOOΠΔ is conveyed as it is in the constantly changing rhythm and colorful composition. The signature flute melody and refreshing synth sound form the mood of the bright and exciting yet dreamy track. The addictive hook melody of the chorus completes the unforgettable LOOΠΔ summer song.

3. Need U

It is a modern Pop/RnB song with an emotional piano theme and repetitive guitar patterns, and contains the soft appealing vocals that LOONA can show. The melodies of the chorus and rhythmic tracks that unfold calmly express the sincere gratitude for the precious existence that always gives strength even in the dark situations that are repeated every day, and conveys the message that they will wait forever for those who are grateful.


This song was presented in the Mnet Queendom 2 final contest, showing the side of LOOΠΔ that has never been shown before, and contains LOOΠΔ's kitsch rap and melody over a conceptual beat and addictive bassline. When LOONA appears, who will completely change the game, it's all Lights, Camera, Action, POSE!

5. Pale Blue Dot

It is a dance-pop genre song that projects the ‘pale blue dot’, a photograph of the earth taken by Voyager 1, into human life. Since the Earth in the vast universe is infinitely shabby and small, it means to blow away the countless worries and worries that weigh us down. It's a song worth doing.

6. Playback

It is a medium pop song that adds a warm and lovely charm to the message the members want to convey to the fans and a lyrical melody line. .

[Album Specifications]

1. Album cover (ALBUM COVER)

Size: 158x218,14mm

4 types in total

2. Photo book (PHOTO BOOK)

Size: 150x210x8mm


4 types in total


Size: 118x118mm

4 types in total


Size: 55x85mm

1 random out of 12 types (12 types in total)

5. Photo Card

Size: 55x85mm

3 random types out of 36 types by version (total 144 types)

6. Luggage Sticker (Title) (LUGGAGE STICKER (TITLE))

Size : ±100x70mm (Different size for each sticker)

1 out of 4 random

7. Luggage Sticker (NAME) (LUGGAGE STICKER (NAME))

Size : ±100x70mm (Different size for each sticker)

3 random out of 12

8. D.I.Y label (D.I.Y DDAKJI)

Size: 60x60mm

2 random out of 6
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