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Lisa fired the signal for her first solo career.

'LALISA' is the result of her Lisa's announcement with her own name, so her confidence can be read enough. In particular, using her real name in front of her, she created her heart and pride in loving herself, which makes her album name more meaningful.

The time has come when Lisa, who has established herself as an icon of her pop culture, will truly shine for her new challenges and capabilities.

LISA FIRST SINGLE ALBUM LALISA is richly composed of package boxes, photo books, random postcards, random polaroids, etc., in which Lisa directly participated in the design. .

LISA FIRST SINGLE ALBUM LALISA will start pre-order on August 26th and will be available on September 10th at YG Select as well as on/offline music stores nationwide.

[LALISA Introduction]


Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Lyricists: TEDDY, Bekuh BOOM

Composers: 24, Bekuh BOOM, TEDDY

Arranged by: 24

About the song:

The title song's name, 'LALISA', is derived from Lisa's real name, and it directly reveals the power and dignifiedness of her name.

The harmony of the provocative brass riff and dynamic rhythm reminiscent of a siren creates tension and excitement in the listener. In addition, the unique rhythm of the word 'LALISA' is used musically to provide a witty chorus line.

In particular, the ever-changing arrangement composition, the visual contrast of “black” and “pink” hidden throughout the lyrics, the suspenseful auditory elements, and the dynamic rap create a stronger synergy.


Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Lyricists: Bekuh BOOM, Vince

Composers: 24, Bekuh BOOM, R.Tee, Vince

Arranged by: 24, R.Tee

About the song:

It is a hip-hop song with a minimalistic yet sophisticated sensibility.

While maintaining the texture of the music presented through BLACKPINK's activities, he doubled his vivid and splendid charm as a solo artist.

Addictive brass riffs and intense piano sounds lead the rhythm, and the second half of the dance along with the unstoppable lyrics.

The break dramatically heightens the mood of the song.

● SIZE: 177*257*34

● Configuration:

* Package Box + CD + Photo Book (88p) + Lyrics (1ea) + Random Photo Card (1 of 4) + Random Polaroid (1 of 4)
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