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Lisa showed an unrivaled step as a female solo artist with her first single album 'LALISA' released last year. Her photo book, which is released every year to commemorate her Lisa's birthday, returns to the third story of <LISA 0327 PHOTOBOOK VOL.03> to celebrate her 25th birthday.

<LISA 0327 PHOTOBOOK VOL.03> is composed of pictures taken step by step with Lisa's unique sense even in her busy activities and in her daily life. Various photo shoots, behind-the-scenes activities, and scenery captured with the camera during travel, as well as photos of members from Lisa's point of view, are included, making it more fun to see. The 240-page photo book, sticker setter, 4-cut photo, and random photo card are also included to enhance the collection value. In particular, this time, 327 photobooks signed by Lisa were randomly delivered, adding to the specialness.

Lisa's third photobook <LISA 0327 PHOTOBOOK VOL.03> will start pre-sale on March 7th, and will be available at YG Select and online/offline music stores nationwide from March 28th.

- SIZE : 192x245x26

- Composition: HARDCOVER PHOTOBOOK (240P) + STICKER SET (4ea) + 4CUT PHOTO (1ea) + RANDOM PHOTOCARD (1 of 4)

* <LISA 0327 PHOTOBOOK VOL.03> is FSC-certified paper, which participates in forest protection and is made of soybean oil ink, recyclable coating, and packaging vinyl using biodegradable PBAT for environmental protection.


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