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Mini 3rd [SCENE26]

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#26 #Lee Jinhyuk


▶ ALBUM: Lee Jin-hyuk's 26th scene [SCENE26]

Twenty-six Lee Jin-hyuk, who has grown more mature, has returned to [SCENE26].

Lee Jin-hyuk's mini album [SCENE26] is an album depicting the image of Lee Jin-hyuk, who is twenty-six-year-old who has grown both on the inside and on the outside. It is composed of two versions of'REEL' and'ROLL', and contains the charm of Lee Jin-hyuk.

The'REEL' version contains a runway pictorial with an urban atmosphere, and the'ROLL' version contains a film pictorial with an analogue sensibility, providing a wealth of attractions. In particular, Lee Jin-hyuk's watery visuals, flawless physical, and unconventional hair that he tried for the first time attracted attention, adding to the completeness of the album.

The title song '5K' of this album, which consists of a total of seven tracks, is a song with the theme of love, which Jin-hyuk Lee first unveiled during his solo activities, and expressed the feeling of falling in love with Lee Jin-hyuk's own sensibility, showing that he has grown more musically.

In addition, Lee Jin-hyuk's own songs such as'Silence','Asteroid','Be half-awake', and'Coup d'État' are included, and you can meet Lee Jin-hyuk's various musical colors. Was born.


▶ TITLE: Lee Jin-hyuk's ‘5K’ confession in love

The title song '5K' is the first song Lee Jin-hyuk's theme of love, and it draws attention with Lee Jin-hyuk's own positive and pleasant vibe.

“5K” with an impressive bass riff sound based on pop punk, instruments such as piano and guitar that fill the chorus make the song more cheerful and exciting.

In particular, lyrics such as'Full Screen Wide, LED' and lyrics using '5K' and'Okay' homophones, which metaphorically express the moment of falling in love as if they were facing the '5K' screen for the first time in a daily life like a black and white screen, are wit. It adds and gives addiction.

In addition, Lee Jin-hyuk seized the eyes with a performance that showed perfect harmony with the dancers, adding fun to seeing with choreography expressing “Okay” with fingers, and enhancing the completeness of the song.

▶ PHOTO: ‘REEL’ &’ROLL’, a work created by Lee Jin-hyuk

Jinhyuk Lee created a pictorial with a completely different atmosphere in'REEL' and'ROLL'.

In the ‘REEL’ version, Lee Jin-hyuk created a chic and confident look with a fashion pictorial concept, and showed off a sexy charm with images reminiscent of a runway. On the other hand, Jinhyuk Lee, who presented a witty and casual look through the'ROLL' version, showed a variety of charms by completing a film photo with an analogue sensitivity.

In particular, Lee Jin-hyuk amplified expectations for this activity by attempting a unique ice gray colored hair, robbing his gaze, and attempting visually disruptive transformations such as eyebrow scratches and piercings.


▶ MUSIC VIDEO: “Walking Man” to the gallery

Lee Jin-hyuk transformed into a Walking Man through the music video of the title song “5K”.

In a space reminiscent of a gallery, Lee Jin-hyuk became a model and transformed into works such as paintings to capture sensuous images. In particular, Lee Jin-hyuk attracted attention by showing a perfect acting that does not lose his peculiar humor while showing a different charm with a more mature appearance.

In addition, the various appearances of Lee Jin-hyuk appearing in the music video robbed the gaze, and the steps of Lee Jin-hyuk, who transformed into a “Walking Man,” added to the fun of seeing by drawing a cheerful image.





*Album specifications

-OUTBOX: 1 type (images differ by version)

-PHOTOBOOK: 80P (Images vary by version)

-CD & PACKAGE: 1 type (images differ by version)

-SELFIE PHOTO CARD: Insert random 1 out of 8 (images differ by version)

-FILM PHOTO: Insert random one out of two (images differ by version)

-FOLDING POSTER: Insert random one out of two (images differ by version)

-BOOKMARK: 1 type inserted (images differ by version)

-STICKER: Insert 1 type (images differ by version)

-POP-UP PHOTO CARD: Insert 1 type (images differ by version)

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