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1st Mini Album [Room Vol.1]

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Lee Moo-jin The 1st Mini Album [Room Vol.1]

All-rounder singer-songwriter Lee Moo-jin of limitless charm is back with her first mini album [Room Vol.1].

This album [Room Vol.1] is the first album in the 'Room' series, which opens with the motif of 'Homecoming', the shape that best shows the stories he felt in life before he became known as Lee Moo-jin and the stories after that. From his childhood to college entrance exams, and after his debut, his autobiographical story is recorded in 5 colorful self-composed songs, showing the side of me as a complete artist without filtration.

In particular, the title song 'Notes' with a strong addictive melody that expresses a candid and dignified attitude to listen to the numerous coercions and teachings around you only as 'references', as well as the 'universe' of acoustic jazz sound that contains the image of oneself who has lost innocence. Experiences and daily life that everyone has experienced at least once, from β€˜Practice Room No. In this album, Lee Moo-jin's story, which is close to his heart, was tactfully melted into this album with his musical color, creating deep sympathy and adding to the fun of listening and watching.

We invite you to [Room Vol.

*Album Specifications

- PHOTOBOOK COVER : 178x227mm / 1 type

- PHOTOBOOK : 165x225mm / 92p / 1 type

- CD : 5 Tracks / 1 type

- ENVELOPE : 120x120mm / Insert 1 type

- GUITAR PICK : Frame : 85x55mm, Guitar Picks : 26x30mm / 4 types inserted

- PLACE FRAME & CARD SET : (Place Frame : 106x75mm0, Card : 100x70mm) / Insert 1 type

- STICKER SET : Various Size / 6 types (1SET) inserted
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