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Lee Jinhyuk

5th Mini Album [5ight] (PocaAlbum Ver.)

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5th MINI ALBUM [5ight]

Jinhyuk Lee, who has been active as an all-rounder across dramas, entertainment shows, and various stages, makes a comeback as a singer after 9 months and meets fans.

Jinhyuk Lee's 5th MINI ALBUM [5ight] is an album that depicts 'love' through the eyes of Jinhyuk Lee, and you can experience Jinhyuk Lee's reversal charm that he has never met before. If the artist revealed the ‘workaholic’ Jin-hyeok Lee through the last album, the new album will show Lee Jin-hyuk’s unique ‘highly stimulating sexiness’ under the theme of love, making intense eye contact with the public for a moment.

5th MINI ALBUM [5ight] captures the love that Jinhyuk Lee saw through two versions. The 'First Sight' version is based on the theme of 'the shock of the first meeting' and the vortex of emotions created by the moment our eyes met, and the 'Deeper' version is based on the concept of a relationship between the two that deepens as time goes by.

Through the 5th MINI ALBUM [5ight], the target of ‘love’ that Jinhyuk Lee reveals is his fan ‘V-dan’. The time that has continued from the moment we first met with our fans to the present, and the bond that deepened through this has made each other ‘a perfect piece’. Jinhyuk Lee, who has had few opportunities to meet fans directly after his first solo album promotions, will meet fans more closely through this activity and repay the fans who waited for them.

Jinhyuk Lee's 5th MINI ALBUM [5ight] will be released on August 29th.

*Album Specifications

- Package Cover : 135x100mm / 1ea

- Photo Card Frame : 85x122mm / 1ea

- NFC Card : 55x85mm / 1ea

- Photo Card : 55x85mm / Random 2 out of 5

- Sticker : 70x90mm / 2ea

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