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lace fringe two-strap mini dress

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" High quality backless two-strap flare mini dress with lace fringe made of chiffon ♡ "

It is a dress that creates a luxurious atmosphere and a lovely mood with the overall lace fringe detail.
The deep neckline accentuates the shoulder line and the clavicle line beautifully, and the voluminous bustline adds a subtle sexiness to the look.
It is a backless two-strap production with a reversible charm and a stable backless strap, so you can wear it comfortably and enjoy it without any hesitation.
The skirt that falls from the high waist line to the flare line complements the body shape, as well as a moderate length and rich feeling, making the leg line look beautiful and creating a voluminous body line. :)
I recommend a high-quality dress that gives off a sexy yet delicate atmosphere!

It is recommended as a vacation look, self-dressing look, and holiday look, and if you pair it with a cardigan or jacket, it is a luxurious and lovely dress that can be used as a summer daily look!
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