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1st Mini Album [OPEN]

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Eunbi Kwon's first mini-album 'OPEN', which opens a new curtain as a solo artist

Kwon Eun-bi made a splendid debut as a dance diva in the music industry, capturing her attention through her first mini-album 'OPEN'.

This first mini-album 'OPEN' is an English word that is interpreted as 'open' in Korean. It is an active word that the subject directly acts, and a word that requires the object of 'what'. Eunbi Kwon is a solo artist through this album. It will show 'myself'.

Kwon Eun-bi is thinking about what can best show 'Now, Kwon Eun-bi' and actively participates in the album planning from the early stage of album planning. challenged

She also participated in writing the lyrics for her title song 'Door', and she expressed her desire to show herself through lyrics, giving great meaning to her, showing off her artistic side.

Kwon Eun-bi, who opened her own first page with her first mini-album 'OPEN', will be able to show various colors of light as an all-rounder solo artist as much as Rain can dance, sing, write lyrics, and compose. Her ears are paying attention.

*Album Specifications

- Booklet : 250*250*5mm / 64P (Different design for each version)

- CD-R : 118*118mm / Insert 1 type (Different design for each version)

- Photo Card : 54*86mm / Insert a random one out of 20 (same image for each version)

- Folded Postcard : 100*150mm / Insert 1 type (design differs for each version)

- Sticker : 125*180mm / Insert 1 type (Design differs for each version)
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