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History Of Kingdom : Part Ⅳ. Dann

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Life is all about a dream...

The royal family has been suppressed by anti-government forces blinded by eternal authority and wealth, and they try to cut off the breath of the king, Dan.

Dan's strong core is standing alone to protect the country from the invading enemy.

A miraculous story unfolds while trying to prevent a tragedy while remembering the most splendid and beautiful world.

Following the third album that embodies the epic of the Snow Kingdom on a blockbuster scale, this History of Kingdom: Part IV. The center of Dann is the ‘Kingdom of Change’.

The unstoppable and honest emotional change of Dan, the main character of this album, and the epic of the world view that only KINGDOM can draw can be glimpsed once again.

*Album Specifications

COVER (150 mm X 210 mm X 12 mm)

PHOTO BOOK + CD R (145 mm x 200 mm 72p)

CALENDAR (127 mm X 175 mm / 6 types for each version out of 12 types)

PHOTO CARD (1 random out of 7 for each version)

HIDDEN PHOTO CARD (1 random out of 7 limited photo cards / Included only in some quantities of the total initial quantity)
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