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1st Photobook [Pro Memoria]

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KIM MIN JU 1st Photobook

[Pro Memory]

Not limited to any one concept, but Kim Min-ju's natural appearance

It expresses a completed day by melting it into daily life with various colors.

Kim Min-ju's first photobook, who designed calendars and stickers, looking forward to 2022 together.

*Photobook specifications

- Outbox: 214x294mm

- Photobook: 200x280mm / 180p

- Illustration Calender : 200x280mm / Insert 12 types

- Sticker : 130x180mm / Insert 2 types

- Photo Card : 54x86mm / random insertion of 2 out of 5 types

- Folding Poster : 560x400mm / Insert 1 type

- Pre-sale privilege: Insert photo card L holder

※ This image is to help understand the product and may differ from the actual product.

※ The composition and specifications of this product are subject to change depending on production circumstances.

※ The above size may differ depending on the measurement method.

※ The outer box is an anti-shock agent to protect the product, and there may be damage (dents, tears, scratches, dents, etc.), discoloration, and contamination during production and delivery. This is not a reason for exchange or return. (*Please inquire separately for defective components.)

※ This product cannot be exchanged or refunded due to a simple change of mind.
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