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Khundi Panda

Full Album [The Spoiled Child]

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This album is about the feelings and self-hatred I experienced after I first became close with a friend called alcohol in 18 years.

There were quite a few songs made for this project in 18, but in conclusion, not a single track was saved.

Of course, it was no longer a waste, and the lyrics at that time are like a daily diary that is not well organized.

I can feel the drunkenness only at that time, but it's the alcohol I drank, so I'm the only one who knows, right?

It's a story about an anxious and unfinished self, but the finished product cannot be incomplete.

I feel that there are things that rot emotionally over time, just like iron rusts.

The life I live is at the center of relationships that become uncomfortable to meet (annoying), things that lose meaning, and all kinds of changes that come in a negative direction.

I wanted to record the breath I took in line with the world that was moving too fast.

I wonder if there is a conclusion I want to talk about while making this album where inner chaos is the focus.

In the process of sublimating the unfinished emotional line that you don't know where it will go into a work of perfection, the keyword [Gyun] will be delivered beautifully!

Emotions that have been rotten inside by hiding or silent.

This album is about a naughty child who only has bad thoughts. I don't know if it looks like a nice mold like penicillin, or if it's fresh cream bread that has been in the cheap refrigerator for a month at home...

Also, if you observe the fungus under a microscope, it has a pretty pretty pattern. Soyeon, who was in charge of the artwork, expressed it very well

The last thing I want to say is, the more you know about me, the more interesting the album will be, but I don't want to recommend any more ways to listen to it.

I made songs that would be okay to turn the entire playback back on, or to shuffle tracks one by one while listening to music. Please enjoy listening. Dedicated to all those who have gone through or passed me.
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