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Debut Album [ FIRST IMPACT ]

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Global fan-made group ‘Kep1er’ releases their debut album ‘FIRST IMPACT’!

‘Catch your eye! Catch your mind!’ Sortie to catch the eyes of global fans!

4th generation super rookie 'Kep1er' will release their first mini album 'FIRST IMPACT' on December 14, 2021.

‘Kep1er’ is a group composed of TOP9 members selected through Mnet ‘Girls Planet 999: Girls’ War’ in 2021. The program, which became a hot topic with girls from three countries, Korea, China and Japan participated in the global voting, and fans from 175 countries around the world participated in the global voting, and the cumulative number of votes during the broadcast time was 12.97 million votes. The related YouTube video also surpassed the total cumulative number of views of 460 million views.

'Kep1er' is a combination of 'Kep' meaning 'caught a dream' and the number '1' meaning that nine girls will gather as one to become the best. It contains the aspirations of girls. It also touches the will of the girls to continue to grow and challenge themselves in response to the expectations of global fans.

The world view of ‘Kep1er’ also catches the eye. Two suns coexist on the planet where the girls who set out on an adventure to achieve their dreams live. This means ‘girls’ dreams’ and ‘fans’ love,’ respectively. Using these two suns as a driving force, the girls explore the unknown and actively leave for a new world. Wherever there are these two suns, it can turn into a 'Kep1er'.

9 girls who became one through the selection of global fans. The adventure story of ‘Kep1er’, where dreams become reality, begins now.

**Album specifications and components (images are different for each version)**

Connect 0 ver. / Connect – ver. / Connect 1 ver.

- Photobook 72p

- Photocard: 2 random cards (out of 18)

- Postcard: 1 random card included (out of 9 types)

- Sticker: 1 sheet included

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