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2nd Mini Album [DOUBLAST]

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Kep1er - The 2nd Mini Album <DOUBLAST>

- Positive energy ‘Up!’ In search of happiness ‘Kep 1 Going!’

- ‘Summer’ named happiness with 9 people’s refreshing feeling + freshness

9 girls who became one through the selection of global fans. The adventure story of ‘Kep1er’, where dreams become reality, continues!

The mini album <DOUBLAST>, which contains the two winds of refreshing B1UE BLAST, refreshing LEMON BLAST, and Kep1er that can overcome the sweltering summer, is released.

<DOUBLAST> consists of 5 episodes of ‘Kepler Island’, a dream island called happiness where Kep1er arrived after running ‘WA DA DA’.

**Album specifications and components (different for each version)**

[LEM0N BLAST ver.]

- CD-R

- Photobook 72p

- Photocard: 2 random out of 18 types

- Pop-up card: 1 random out of 9

- Sticker: Random 1 out of 9

[B1UE BLAST ver.]

- CD-R

- Photobook 80p

- Photocard: 2 random out of 18 types

- Photo Stand: Random 1 out of 9

- 1ea coloring paper
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