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Mini 1st [Jtrap]

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JWiver - 1st Mini Album [Jtrap]

‘7-member rookie boy group’ JWiiver’s first mini album [Jtrap] is released!

Seven members Ryujei, Rihan, Shita, Raots, Roshin, Gabin.K, and Ju-kang set off a flare in front of the public. explode!

The new boy group JWiiver will debut with their first mini-album [Jtrap] with a new and diverse look.

JWiiver wittily changed the words 'Joy' of pleasure and Weaver, which means weaver, to 'Wiiver', and the team name contains the meaning of "an idol who weaves the joys of virtual and real with all the world's pleasures."

On February 17, 2022, J-Weaver is knocking on the door of the music industry with the first mini-album [Jtrap] with the main concepts of 'fun', 'diversity' and 'newness'.

The main title song 'Jtrap' is an urban hip-hop genre with a strong DUBSTEP beat. It was created in collaboration with 'Sean Alexander', who worked on songs such as Girls' Generation, SHINee, MONSTA X, and The Boyz, and producer 'Shark'. In particular, J-Weaver's overwhelming high-pitched sound in the chorus captivates the listeners.

'Jtrap' created the heart of a man who is captivated by charm for a moment and cannot get out of it with J-Weaver's own color, and the choreography was jointly produced by Japan's top choreographer Marimo Kanno and J-Weaver's leader Rihan. .

The double title song ‘Made For You’ is a song written by Candace Sosa, who participated in albums such as BTS and TWICE, and Alawn, who participated in albums of Baekhyun, Super Junior M, and MONSTA X, ‘Made for you’. This song is an urban R&B pop genre led by acoustic piano, bass guitar and retro synth pads. It is attractive that the vocal synth and the heavy 808 sound add to the weight of the song. They sang lyrics about how to express love in a sophisticated way with the members' groovy vocals.

The third track, 'My Destiny', is a Nu Disco-based dance song with a focus on guitar and synthpop. (Shark) worked. It is a song that expresses her man's heart to her who fell in love with her at first sight, and you can feel the harmony of the light guitar riff and trendy synth sound. gave out

The song 'Blue Fire' in the last track was written with the idea that the temperature of blue flames can rise higher than that of red flames. Hip-hop elements and a catchy melody harmonize to create a trendy look. Marcia 'MISHA' sondeijker, who composed Taeyeon's Weekend, Taemin, Hyoyeon, and Madison Mars' 'Home', which entered the billboard, participated in the composition. And after various discussions with the best staff, a quality 'Blue Fire' that suits J-Weaver was born.

*Album Specifications

- PHOTOBOOK : 185x255x10mm / 1 type (119P)

- CD : 1 type

- PHOTOCARD : 55x85mm / random 2 types among 14 types are inserted

- STICKER : 145x165mm / Insert 1 type

- POLAROID : 110x114mm / 1 type (unit) insertion

- POSTCARD : 100x150mm / Random 1 type out of 7 types

- LIFE 4CUT : 50x150mm / Random 1 type out of 7 types
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