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1st Full Album [blanc]

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JUNNY 1st Studio Recording Album - blanc -

“Color blanc made by me”

JUNNY, who has been loved by listeners with trendy music such as “Thank You”, “By My Side”, “AURA” and “MOVIE”, is back with the full album “blanc” that resembles her own story.

This full album reflects the thoughts of JUNNY in his early and mid-20s.

The expression was compared to dyeing colors on a blank paper called blanc.

What kind of people you met, what you've been through

The story was told in 9 songs about what thoughts he had and what colors the canvases were eventually filled with.

Among them, the title song “Not About You” is about looking back on yourself after a breakup with love.

It means that if you had a lot of thoughts about your relationship after a breakup in your early 20s, now that you are in your late 20s, you will start thinking more deeply about yourself, not your partner.

In addition, the intro song “mercury” that talks about how to deal with life and “Obvious” immediately following it, “Get Ya!”, “Color Me”, which were released in advance, “Mugshot” with the sweet vocals of UNE, “Mugshot” with only English lyrics From “Just a Number” composed of “Just a Number”, “boyhood” about the process of becoming an adult, and “OH!!” that resembles how you want to live now, I recommend you listen to what colors are contained in JUNNY’s colorful canvas one by one.

*Album Specifications

- PET COVER : W170 X H230mm

- BOOKLET : W170 X H230mm / 72P

- CD-R : 1 type

- PHOTO CARD : W55 X H85mm / Insert 2 types
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