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JTBC Drama

People of the Korea Meteorological Administration: In-House Romance Cruelty Episode OST (2CD)

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JTBC Saturday drama 'People of the Meteorological Administration: In-house Romance Cruelty Edition' OST Special

Here! tomorrow's weather,

In other words, there are those who fight fiercely to find the right answer in life.

On some days, their predictions are correct and they jump with joy,

Another day, he would go out and pluck his hair and blame himself,

Another day they hope their forecasts are wrong

You will look up at the sky with a nervous feeling and eventually realize it.

The answer in life is not set in the first place,

The fact that I take responsibility for the choices I made and that it is a process of making the right answers.

It's diarrhea again! never! Never! In short! I swore I wouldn't

Even if it's 'in-house love' like a natural disaster.

The drama 'Meteorological Agency People' is a drama that depicts a pleasant weather map by depicting the brutality of a love affair between four men and women who showed a dazzling chemistry, the world of the Korea Meteorological Agency, and the passionate sense of mission of the Meteorological Agency employees they met. An OST Special album was released that added a sense of immersion to the stories of the Meteorological Agency, which are as dynamic as the weather.

In this OST album, starting with Part.1 'Sarrkung - CHEEZE', which contains the fresh and tickling excitement between the Hashu couple, Part.2 'Heart Alert - ONEW', Part.3 'Promise You - Kyuhyun', which contains the promise and promise to always be with you in any weather and at any moment, Part.4 'Looks like something precious has been added to the pink love front with Hakyung's theme song – Rothy’, Part.5 ‘On the day you fall – John Park’, which expresses the feelings of longing for each other in a simple way, Part.6 ‘I love you this much’ – Punch’, Part.7 ‘Even if it hurts a little more – Nayoung Kim’, Part.8 ‘Abnormal Weather – Giriboy’, which compares the conflict between lovers to an abnormal climate, Part. It contains a total of 9 singing songs and 22 BG tracks, including Part.

In addition, we provide a photo book (80P) that vividly captures scenes in the drama, film bookmarks, photo cards (6 types), postcards (4 types), and posters (1 random out of 2 types) to provide clearer memories of the drama. It will be a special gift that you can make.

Meanwhile, this 'Meteorological Agency People' OST was completed under the leadership of the music director Ant, who was responsible for the music of hit dramas such as 'Descendants of the Sun', 'Moonlight Drawn by Clouds', and 'When the Camellia Blooms'. We plan to deliver a deep impression by completing the OST that perfectly decorates the work and love of the people of the Meteorological Agency, which cannot be caught.

Album Specifications: Drawer Out Box 165*245 / Booklet 80P / 2CD

Privileges: 1 film bookmark / 6 photo cards / 4 postcards
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