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JTBC Drama

IDOL (Idol: The Coup) OST (2CD)

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JTBC Monday-Tuesday drama ‘IDOL [Idol: The Coup]’ OST album release

The physical album of JTBC's Monday-Tuesday drama 'IDOL [Idol: The Coup]' will be officially released on the 27th, and it will leave a deep impression after the end.

In this album, 'HOME', 'Paradise', 'Honest', 'Bloom', 'Sometimes', 'You Are My Star', 'To the Light: We Rise', 'Finale', 'To U', which were released when the drama aired, were popular. You can see a total of 27 tracks, including 24 songs and 3 score tracks.

In addition, there are various components reminiscent of real idol albums, such as a 72-page booklet containing famous scenes from the drama, a photocard set with the appearance of the group Cotton Candy and Mars, who were the main characters of the play, Polaroid, and accordion post cards. Stimulates the desire for small intestine

'Idol: The Coup' is a very special guide for those who can't part with their failed dreams. It received great love from drama fans for its fresh storyline, development, and good performances by actors, as well as OST tracks of various genres.

-Polaroid: 1 set of 7 types + Photo card: 1 set of 10 types / Distributed only as images shown in detailed images

-Distributed only as an accordion card / 1 type (female group) shown in the detailed image (no male group version)

-All components on-pack
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