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JTBC Drama

I Know, OST

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'I Know', OST album release on the 30th! From Jaejae, Sam Kim, to indie musicians… ‘Proof’ of K-OST corps magic

The well-made OST album of 'I Know' is officially released, continuing the emotion of the drama.

JTBC Saturday Special 'I Know (Director Garam Kim / Script Garden / Produced Beyond J / Studio N / JTBC Studio / Original Naver Webtoon <I Know> (Author's Emotion))' OST album will be released on the 30th. Prior to this, an event for fans who have been eagerly awaiting the release of the album will be held along with reservation sales through various music sites on the 19th.

The OST album of 'I Know' contains a total of 21 tracks that fascinated the ears of viewers. In addition, it is composed of a wealth of goods, including a postbook that vividly captures the moments that cannot be missed in the drama, a post card with still cuts and autographs that highlight the visuals of the main characters, and stickers, photo films, and posters that sensibly capture many famous scenes. has been

In addition to this, a tattoo sticker that embodies the female protagonist's name, 'butterfly' in the play, is a unique component, increasing the value of its collection. As such, the OST album ‘I Know’, which has improved the level of perfection with custom components that properly shot the tastes of drama fans, is expected to leave a deep impression on the fans until the end.

In the OST album of 'I Know You', which has been released as a sound source through online music sites every week, the lyrics represent the heart of the female protagonist, starting with Kim Museum's 'We Are Already', which expresses a strong attraction to each other with a trendy tone. This impressive band Nightoff's 'I know', Park Ji-woo's 'Whisper' with a lyrical melody with a folk sound, and J. Yuna's 'Butterfly' with a magnificent chorus line and the singer's husky voice are impressive , 'Heavy Heart' by RIO, which delicately solves the theme of the female protagonist, is included.

In addition, Sam Kim's 'Love Me Like That', which honestly depicts the desperate wish for love, conveys the sincerity with sweet vocals, and Jokjae's 'Unknowingly', which heightens the excitement of the listeners. , 'So Tender' by the band Sey Su-mi, which contains the message that only the feeling of fluttering moments is eternal, and AVIN&SLAY's 'Love, This (Love, This)', which melts the precarious emotional lines of the main character, will be released on the 21st. There will be a total of 10 songs, including Rio's 'I Know', which will be released. In addition, 11 score songs that faithfully lead the main character's emotional lines and the development of the play are also included.

Several OSTs of 'I Know' have been loved by viewers for their unique music completed through the active participation of indie musicians. In particular, the OST of various genres exquisitely harmonized with the narrative of the drama, helped to increase the immersion of the play, and received great praise from drama fans.

The various OSTs of 'I Know', which perfectly encompassed the drama's triumph and gave a deep lingering impression each time, are officially released as albums with rich goods, raising expectations that it will soothe the regrets of the drama that is about to end.
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