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disqualification OST

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Jeon Do-yeon and Ryu Jun-yeol's 'Disqualification' starring today (17th) OST album officially released! ‘Impression’ filled with 20 tracks

JTBC's 10th anniversary special project 'Disqualification', OST album release!

Ha Dong-gyun → Kim Yun-a, ‘Healing and Empathy’

Meet the colorful OST of 'Disqualification of Humanity' presented by director Huh Jin-ho, a master of melodrama.

The OST album, which was inserted in the right place for the recently ended JTBC 10th anniversary special project 'Disqualification of Humanity (Directed by Heo Jin-ho, Park Hong-soo, written by Kim Ji-hye, produced by C-JeS Entertainment, Drama House Studio)', has been well-received from the 17th. officially sold.

The ‘Disqualified Human’ OST album contains a total of 20 tracks, from singing songs by unique vocals that have been released once through online music sites, to the score sound source that came to fruition through the long relationship between music director Jo Sung-woo and director Huh Jin-ho.

First, starting with Ha Dong-gyun's 'Speaking to Yourself', which densely solves the troubles of a man standing at the end of his youth, Sondia's 'From Me', which expresses the lonely and pitiful heart of the female lead in a heartbreaking way, is the two main characters. It contains 4 songs, including Kim Yuna's 'Under the Shade of Red Flowers', which beautifully sang the precarious emotional lines of This includes 16 score tracks that faithfully lead the main character's emotional lines and the development of the play as if they made a song one by one, giving the drama a perfect sensibility.

In particular, the melodies of the score music provide a high level of immersion that perfectly encompasses the entire 'Disqualification of Humanity' play, proving that it is Jo Sung-woo's music that works not only in movies but also in dramas.

In addition, this OST album consists of goods that arouse the desire to own, such as photobooks, post cards, and photo cards that vividly capture moments that cannot be missed in the drama, and it is expected to be responsible for the deep impression of drama maniacs.

‘Disqualification of Humanity’, a story that blends subtle fluttering and reflective messages, and the performances of luxury actors, ended on October 24, earning a reputation for densely portraying the narrative of healing and sympathy drawn by two men and women facing the darkness.

On the other hand, 'Disqualified Human' OST album will be officially sold through various online music sites starting on the 17th.

■ Product composition

Savari Standing Outbox - 182 x 243

Holder 150 x 210

Photobook 150 x 210 / 60P

Postcard (postcard) 3 types 180 x 120

6 photo cards 55 x 85
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