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1st Single [GLASSY]

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The first step from IZ*ONE's main vocal Yuri Jo to solo artist Jo Yuri "GLASSY".
The title song 'GLASSY', which is the name of Jo Yu-ri's first single album and the title song of the same name, is to add the suffix Y to GLASS to show the 'glassy' charm that shines everywhere.

Based on this, the overall visual storytelling such as MV and concept photo borrowed and reinterpreted the ‘Glass Slipper’, an object from a fairy tale, to capture the ‘adult child’ side of Jo Yu-ri in a ‘lucky way’ is worth noting.

Jo Yu-ri's single title song 'GLASSY', which contains a total of three tracks, was produced by hit maker Park Woo-sang PD, who was responsible for the music of popular solo singers such as IU, Hwasa, and Chungha, as the main producer, and the lyricist Hwang Yu-bin wrote the lyrics. Together, we are raising expectations even more. The performance was supported by the participation of Choi Seon-hee, the head of the famous domestic choreography team 'Switch', well known as Red Velvet's choreography director.

In addition to the title song, it contains various genres of music, including 'Express Moon', a medium-tempo song with an impressive warm and romantic mood, and 'Autumn Box', a duet ballad song with an autumn emotion that became a hot topic in collaboration with Seok-Hoon Lee, thereby maximizing the potential and capabilities of a next-generation solo artist. show

In Jo Yu-ri's first single, composer Lee Joo-hyung and Choo Dae-gwan of the hit songwriting team Monotree, who are active as producers of famous K-pop artists such as Taeyeon, Red Velvet, NCT, Ha Sung-woon, and Juk-jae, also participated by presenting a lyrical ballad duet. By adding the sensibility of promising up-and-coming writers such as Kyu LYK and Honest, the 'glassyness' was further melted.



** Album composition **

- CD-R

- Photobook: Cover strip 1 type/ However, internal image is random 1 type out of 2 types)/ / 180 * 250 (mm) / 64P

- Photocard: 2 random out of 12 / 55 * 85 (mm)

- Lenticular Photo Card: Random 1 out of 2 / 55 * 85 (mm)

- Sticker: Set of 2 / 100 * 150 (mm)

- Message Card: Holder 110*140 (mm) / Card 80*55 (mm)

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