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1st Mini Album [Op.22 Y-Waltz : in Major] Jewel ver. (Limited Edition)

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Jo Yu-ri, who returned after 8 months after “GLASSY” in 2021, is back with the <Jo Yu-ri 2022 Dance Collection> series.

Her first mini-album “Op.22 Y-Waltz: in Major”, announcing the opening, expressed her flexible attitude toward ordinary everyday happenings with a waltz.

Jo Yu-ri interprets 'Waltz' as an attitude toward life. 'Y-Waltz' contains Jo Yuri's initials 'Y' and the word 'Why' at the same time, so it can be interpreted as an interpretation of the reason for 'why dance'.

In this album, you can meet Jo Yuri with a more mature visual through <Andante> version with calm and still gestures and <Allegro> version with rhythmic and light feeling. In the music video for the title song “Love Shh!”, Jo Yu-ri suddenly dances in the city center and spends time in the wrong place. .

In addition, you can meet the colorful charm of Jo Yu-ri on every track. It consists of a total of five songs, including the cheerful, lively and confident title song “Love Shh!”, the sweet ballad song “This Time”, and Jo Yu-ri’s self-composed song “Opening”.

In particular, the last track, “Opening,” heralds a new look of Jo Yu-ri in the future, and the first track “Round and Around” contains the hope that it will become an album that you want to listen to again and again after hearing all the tracks.

<Jo Yu-ri 2022 Dance House>, which will now begin in earnest, wants to show Yu-ri Jo's growth as a solo artist. It is hoped that the album “Op.22 Y-Waltz: in Major”, which is the beginning of this story, will become an album that brings anticipation and joy to artist Jo Yu-ri.

* Album composition **

- CD-R

- Photobook (16p)

- 2 random cards out of 7 types
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