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Jinyoung Woo

2nd Mini Album [DELICIOUS]

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Jinyoung Woo's second EP album [DELICIOUS]

[3-2 = A] of her beginning as an artist and rebirth into a new color.
And the next story, her new album [DELICIOUS], contains a message of her confidence and aspirations about herself as she has grown a little more.

Her confidence leads to endless possibilities. Based on her and her confidence, Jinyoung Woo constantly tries and tries to find her own color.
The trials that stand in the way of her Woo Jin-young's path are just one step. The metaphorical expressions in her title song 'Delicious' give a glimpse of this in detail.

The emotions felt in this journey are expressed in another story, through music.
If you understand the emotions contained in each message, won't the next story be completed before you know it?
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