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Jinhyuk Lee

4th Mini Album [Ctrl+V]

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Jinhyuk Lee 4th Mini Album [Ctrl+V]

“Lee Jinhyuk pastes Lee Jinhyuk”

▶ ALBUM: Lee Jinhyuk pastes Lee Jinhyuk [Ctrl+V]

Jinhyuk Lee, artist Jinhyuk Lee and Jinhyeok Lee's inner side came back with [Ctrl+V].

Jinhyuk Lee's 4th Mini Album [Ctrl+V] is an album that contains the appearance of the artist Jinhyuk Lee shown to the public and Jinhyuk Lee inside, who is not visible from the outside. .

Jinhyuk Lee, who has released [Splash!], [SCENE26], and [Ctrl+V] after his first solo album [S.O.L] in 2019, participates in writing and composing lyrics for all albums, expressing music with Lee Jinhyuk’s unique sensibility. In particular, this album [Ctrl+V] gives a glimpse of how solo artist Jinhyuk Lee is growing step by step through musical considerations, such as gathering the core sounds of several genres and creating a single genre.

▶ MUSIC: Artist Jinhyuk Lee's new challenge

[Ctrl+V]'s title song 'Work Work' is a song that contains the desire to succeed in both work and love.

In addition to the title song 'Work Work', this album, consisting of a total of six tracks, contains many of Jinhyuk Lee's own songs such as 'Bang all night', 'Dunk!', and 'No meaning = Art'. did.

Through this album, you can hear Jinhyuk Lee's voice, which was not heard in previous albums, through rapping with melodic vocals. In addition, it includes a ratchet hip-hop dance reminiscent of Jinhyuk Lee's unique humorous character, and a song where the sound that is the core of several genres makes up the entire song, not just one genre song that is tailored to the frame and format, so you can feel the new charm of Jinhyuk Lee. it's an album

▶ MUSIC VIDEO: One drama ‘Work and Love of a Workaholic’

In the music video for the title song 'Work Work', the seriousness and passion of artist Jinhyuk Lee, who is active in various fields such as singer activities and photo shoots, is expressed in an imaginary space using space and props.

The 'Work Work' music video, which begins with Jinhyuk Lee preparing for a photo shoot at the photoshoot, presents a visual pleasure by expressing Jinhyuk Lee, who is serious while working on music, and Jinhyuk Lee, who enjoys work, through set changes. In addition, Jinhyuk Lee freely spreads and expresses his tired mind in the imaginary space in the music video. You can get a glimpse of the inner life and worries of human Jinhyuk Lee, not artist Jinhyuk Lee.


1. Work Work

The title song 'Work Work' is a witty and realistic song that expresses the desire to understand that he is a workaholic to his lover and the belief that he has not changed at the same time. It is a song that pleasantly solves the love worries of the MZ generation, who want to have both work and love, but are faced with realistic worries.

Composed by GARDEN, Inner Child (MonoTree), Krady, CHKmate

Lyrics by Jinhyuk Lee, Inner Child (MonoTree), CHKmate, GARDEN

Arranged by GARDEN, Krady

2. Bang all night

'Bang all night' is a song that melts the feelings of men who want to escape for one night with their friends, escaping from the repetitive boring and tiring daily life.

Composed by GARDEN, Inner Child (MonoTree), Krady, Jinhyuk Lee

Lyrics by Jinhyuk Lee, Inner Child (MonoTree)

Arranged by GARDEN, Krady

3. Dunk!

It is a song that melts Jinhyuk Lee's passion and confidence in music into the motif of a dunk shot.

You can feel the color of Lee Jin-hyuk's music, which has become more relaxed and free by adding maturity to the witty lyrics that you can feel in previous songs.

Composed by CHKmate, BLKCUBE, Jinhyuk Lee

Lyrics by Jinhyuk Lee, CHKmate

Arranged by CHKmate


‘BLUE MARVEL’ is a ratchet hip-hop dance song reminiscent of Jinhyuk Lee’s unique humorous character with metaphorical lyrics to the game.

Composed by GARDEN, CHKmate, Krady

Lyrics by CHKmate

Arranged by GARDEN, Krady

5. Coffee on Sunday

'Coffee on Sunday' is a song with a funky guitar sound and retro drums, and the lyrics are impressive with the fluttering emotions that naturally permeate into the lover.

Composed by RoseInPeace, Saimon, Jimmy Brown, Jomalxne

Lyrics by Jimmy Brown, Jomalxne

Arranged by Saimon, RoseInPeace

6. Meaningless = Art

It is a hip-hop-based pop genre song, and as the title suggests, the sound that is the core of several genres is made up of the whole song, not one genre song that fits into a certain frame and format.

This song 'Meaningless = Art' was created by thinking about the act of forgetting the first important essence and finding the reason and meaning in art. The 'meaningless' of the behavior of those who want

Composed by Jinhyuk Lee, zomay, mind182

Lyrics by Jinhyuk Lee, zomay

Arranged by zomay, mind182

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- PHOTO BOOK: 1 type (images are different for each version)

- CD-R: 1 type (images are different for each version)

- FOLDING POSTER: Insert 1 type (images are different for each version)

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