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1st Mini Album [Windy]

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A hot summer song that will make the summer of 2021 even more 'tangled'!

Jeon So-yeon 1st Mini Album [Windy]

'All-rounder' artist Soyeon Jeon releases her first mini-album [Windy] after 4 years of her debut and takes over the summer charts. (Female) All attention is focused on the release of Soyeon Jeon, a producer who has contributed to establishing her team color and genre by writing and composing the title song of all (Female) Idle albums. The first mini album [Windy], which will satisfy that expectation, is developed from the perspective of Jeon So-yeon's other self, 'Windy', a free spirit like the wind.

Windy, who enjoys fast food and board rides, and armed with the outspoken honesty of Generation Z, is a rebellious character different from Soyeon, the leader of (G)I-DLE. The unconventional visual transformation, provocative lyrics, and free-spirited performance show a unique charm that defies the ordinary. In particular, Jeon Soyeon focused her efforts on her concept planning, such as establishing her own unique brand ‘Windy Burger’. Her excellent wit stands out throughout her album, such as the retro mood CF song teaser and the package design reminiscent of a fast food takeout box.

Jeon So-yeon's 1st mini album [Windy] is from the rock/hip hop title song 'BEAM BEAM', which expresses the sun shining down, to the unreleased song 'Weather' that fans have been waiting for, and 'Quit' for everyone to enjoy. , 'Psycho' with impressive beats and lyrics, and 'Is this bad b****** number (Feat. BIBI, Youngji Lee)', which shows the chemistry of Generation Z, is composed of tracks of various genres.

This summer, let's enjoy the hot summer with Windy under the scorching sun.


ARTIST | Jeon So-yeon

PRODUCER | Jeon So-yeon



“Windy Burger, a unique brand leading the global market with trendy and innovative ideas, was established in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, Korea in 2021 by SOYEON JEON and CUBE Ent.

Unlike other regular albums that receive ready-made songs, Windy Burger uses a singer-songwriter method that directly participates in the production, and adds a rich story to the freshly sung melodies, showing the flavor of an authentic artist.

Windy Burger’s signature menu ‘BEAM BEAM’, which has established itself as a 100% handmade album, is loved by fans all over the world for its rich taste that harmonizes with the golden ratio of three ingredients: summer, stimulation, and freedom. Windy Burger, operated with the mindset of 'Let's live like the wind', puts the MZ generation's sensibilities into all menus and is always doing its best to provide coolness to blow away the sweltering summer.”



Composed by Soyeon Jeon, Pop Time, Kako

Lyrics by Jeon Soyeon

Arranged by Pop Time, Kako, Jeon Soyeon

The hot and stimulating taste that reminds me of summer!

- Fortunately, the sun in my twenties, who seeks only freedom and stimulation, is always sad. -

02. Weather

Composed by Soyeon Jeon, Pop Time

Lyrics by Jeon Soyeon

Arranged by Pop Time, Jeon Soyeon

Emotional taste like panchim gae that rises when it rains!

- Then I... It was as if he had suffered from bipolar disorder. -

03. Quit

Composed by Soyeon Jeon, Pop Time

Lyrics by Jeon Soyeon

Arranged by Pop Time, Jeon Soyeon

A popular taste that people of all ages will love!

- Dear Windy, never love like that again. -

04. Psycho

Composed by Soyeon Jeon, Pop Time, Kako

Lyrics by Jeon Soyeon

Arranged by Pop Time, Kako

A perverted taste that boils from the deep inside!

- It seems that I have a different self within me. Am I really a good person? -

05. Is this bad b***** number? (Feat. BIBI, Youngji Lee)

Composed by Soyeon Jeon, Kako, Flip_00

Lyrics by Soyeon Jeon, BIBI, Youngji Lee

Arranged by Kako, Flip_00, Nathan (NATHAN), Pop Time

If you are a hip-hop fanatic, you must listen to the original taste of Windy!

- I have wonderful friends and a wonderful me. -

*Album Specifications

- BOX PACKAGE: 153mm X 153mm X 50mm

- Booklet (BOOKLET) : 150mm X 150mm / 64P

- Alpan & Alpan Envelope (CD&CD PACKAGE) : 120mm X 120mm / 130mm X 125mm

- LYRIC PAPER: 300mm X 450mm / Insert 1 type

- Postcard: 100mm X 150mm / Insert 1 type

- Photo Card (PHOTO CARD) : 55mm X 90mm / Insert one random out of 10 types

- MINI PHOTO STAND: 50mm X 100mm / Random 1 type out of 5 types

- Membership Card (MEMBERSHIP CARD): 90mm X 55mm / Insert 1 type

- Sticker (STICKER) : 100mm X 130mm / random 5 types out of 30 types

- COASTER : 85mm X 85mm / Insert 1 type
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