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3rd regular album [Land of Fantasy]

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To the land of fantasy!
A place still overflowing with dreams and hopes, love and friendship, sincerity and courage!

1. Wonderland
Even at the end of a day I have spent, my dreams and hopes are still wriggling. Sometimes it just feels so cheesy. Welcome to the fantasy land of old-fashioned heroes.

2. Valiant steps
I thought I needed a song for sincere people. It's a hymn to old and frayed sincerity.

3. Beetle Power!
I watched the Beatles documentary. β€œTo the topper most of the popper most!” chanted the slogan, saying that he had endured hours of boring, dreary basement waiting rooms. There was a time when I thought it was cool. It is a song that depicts us on a day when we lost our direction.

4. Confession Theater
About friendship and love, that desperate bare face! Lonely together with lonely people!

5. The King of Romance
For me, who neglects to express my feelings, dating is always difficult. Meeting with someone who dreams of a movie-like love is even better. I'd like it to burn a little, but there are times when that doesn't work out the way I want it to. This song depicts such a romantic scene.

6. Farewell to Arms! + Cradle Ode
At this age, I have made friends one by one who are adjusting to life. My romantic worldview chose to call it surrender. This song prays for the happiness of my friends who have surrendered to life. Happy friends!

7. Boy Clay Pigeon
One day, I wanted to become a star in the sky, so I got excited and tried to fly. This is the story of that day.

8. Who was the song for?
Time ticks tock tick to tick, and now I can call the pain a memory. that's right. That's even sadder.

9. Night Park
There is a place called Bongwoojae Children's Park in front of the studio. For nearly 10 years, I used to go out there at sunset and sigh and come back, but I wanted to write a song about it.
I would like to express my gratitude to the passionate lovers on a summer night that caught my eye just in time.

10. Romantic Island
I dedicate this song to the little loves who always had the courage to hold each other's hands, and to those who still dream. A part of Poet Jeong Ji-yong's 'May News' is quoted in the title and lyrics.

11. Bluebird, Spread Your Wings!
It's a song we all want to sing out loud together. Become a bird!

12. Goodbye Wonderland
good bye! Fantastic country!

13. Comeback Home
This is a song I wrote when I was 15. For every album, this is a song that I kept sacrificing.
This is how I came to hear it. Our voices back then are still there.
we'll be back! comeback home!

This time, I wanted to make an interesting album. So this album continues with one breath. If you enjoyed listening to the title song, close your eyes and enjoy it from start to finish!
Small stories and a few familiar words are hidden here and there for the fun of our reliable fans. Thank you for waiting. You've been through a lot. me too.

-Jannabi Choi Jeong-hoon
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