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Jack In The Box (Weverse Albums)

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[Album Specifications]
- 1 type in total
- Card holder (1 random out of 2)
- Photocard A (1 type provided) / W54*H86 (mm)
- Photocard B (1 random out of 2) / W54*H86 (mm)
- QR Card (User Guide) / W54*H86 (mm)

*After installing the application and recognizing the QR code, you can check all album songs and exclusive photos of Weverse album.

[Information Use]

β€» How to use the QR card
1. Install the Weverse Albums application
2. Log in with your Weverse account or SNS account
3. Touch the [+] button on the top right or [Register Album] to scan the QR code
If it is difficult to scan the QR code, enter the digital code number directly at the bottom of the camera
4. Download the album

β€» Notice
- Simultaneous access from other devices with the same account is restricted.
- Digital pictorials and digital photocards are automatically registered together when registering an album in conjunction with a digital code.
- If you register the same album multiple times, only one album is displayed on the main screen.
- If multiple albums with the same digital photo card image are registered, only one is displayed in the digital photo card menu.
- If the album download fails, you will be instructed to re-download it.
- You can check the registered album history in Settings>Customer Center>My Album Registration History.

- Once registered, the QR card cannot be used in other accounts, and cannot be exchanged or refunded.
- Please use the FAQ for inquiries regarding usage and errors related to the Weverse Album app.
- You can enjoy the registered album at any time without having to download it again.
- If a user who has already downloaded the album logs in with a different device, it must be downloaded again.
- If there is an error in playback, reboot the app or reboot the phone and try again.
- Weverse Album is mobile optimized, and PC service is not supported.
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