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THE 4TH ALBUM [Palette]

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A new album and album put out the IU in a year and a half of the four million three years regular album [Palette], the

As you can guess from the two pre-released songs released in advance, it is not limited to a specific genre or style.

It is an album that is like a “palette” that contains a variety of musical colors and stories in the same way as the name of the album.


4 IU of regular home [Palette] is an elaborate task as long to take a breath IU yourself produced

Allows the newly discovered another musical transformation and growth of the producer of the singer IU IU.

In addition, in this album, he is a group that encompasses generations and genres such as Lee Byung-woo, Son Seong-je, G-DRAGON, Sun Woo Jung-ah, Oh Hyuk, and Sam Kim.


Meet the best musicians to broaden the musical spectrum, and at the same time express all the numbers with a unique, delicate tone and lyrics.


And it painted with unique sensibility 'IU', and wholly unable to always assume the musical limits and color.


[Album specifications]

-Book Coolet 34P

-Insert 3 photo cards (Random X)

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