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[Flower Bookmark]

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Traces of simple and beautiful memories that do not fade even after time passesIU (IU) Special remake mini album "Flower Bookmark>

A book that was taken out after dusting off an old study. As I flip through the shelves one by one, I sometimes find faded four-leaf clover or petals that are inserted like bookmarks.

A simple and beautiful trace that someone would have presented with heart long ago. Also, memorable texts that are underlined on each page.

This “flower gallpi” may be one of the symbols of youth culture that shows the emotion and romance of the old analog generation, which is becoming increasingly forgotten these days.The traces of memories that do not fade even after time passes through the generations that I want to bring back at least once.


The Special Mini Album IU (IU) is thus discover out the 'flower bookmark' in the music of previous generations,

It contains the meaning of presenting it to the listeners of the present generation by reflecting it again with his own emotion and voice.


Songs of this album was their own selection of music remind you feel as if you had an exciting gift had imagined when the IU favorite old song of the usual first discovered the two,


While making use of the original song's sensibility as much as possible, the remake work was carried out in a direction that compromised and melted my own color.


<A flower bookmark> and has been present for many fans like the analog sensitivity of the IU which was the subject several times over the acoustic guitar covers and introduced in the broadcast during


It will be a record that provides an opportunity to rethink the meaning of a masterpiece while listening to it over a long period of time among stimulating music.

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