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ITZY releases its first English digital single album 'Not Shy (English Ver.)' simultaneously worldwide on January 22, 2021!

- A bigger leap towards the global stage! Debut first English album 'Not Shy (English Ver.)' released
- English version of 4 title songs from 'DALLA DALLA' to 'ICY', 'WANNABE' and 'Not Shy'
- '4th generation representative girl group' recognized on global platforms such as YouTube and Spotify! This year's big performance notice!

ITZY released their first English digital single album 'Not Shy (English Ver.)' simultaneously worldwide.

Since they debuted in the music industry with their debut single 'IT'z Different' in February 2019, they have been building various first and most records, illuminating their special presence.

ITZY, which has firmly established itself as a 'fourth generation representative girl group' by being recognized for its unique concept and ability, is aiming for global fan hearts with their first English album since their debut.

The five members sang 4 previously released title songs in English, from the latest song 'Not Shy' to 'WANNABE', 'ICY', and 'Dalla Dallas' to complete the new album.

Track 1 is the title track of the 3rd mini album 'Not Shy (English Ver.)', released in August 2020, and honestly depicts the unstoppable charm that doesn't care about the ending, and delivers the thrill of a splashing soft drink. In particular, this song was named in the song category of '2020 representative songs & albums of K-pop in 2020' selected by Time magazine in December last year, drawing attention at home and abroad.

The 2nd track was filled with 'WANNABE (English Ver.)', which captured the charm of ITZY's unique 'teen crush' and led overseas popularity. With this song, ITZY is the only group that debuted in 2019 in the 'Global Top Stream K-Pop Songs' section of the 2020 year-end settlement chart of the global music platform Spotify. In addition, it was honored to occupy 6th place on the '2020 YouTube Top 10 Most Popular Music Videos in Korea', which was counted from January 1 to November 15, 2020.

Next, 'ICY (English Ver.)', which expresses the content to respect and love me at the center of the world, decorated the summer of 2019 coolly and swept the 12 music show trophies, receiving a lot of love.

The last song 'Dalla Dalla (English Ver.)' is the debut song that made ITZY rise to the position of '2019 K-Pop Best Rookie'. 11 days after its release, it climbed to the top of the music program and captured the hearts of fans around the world, boasting a syndrome-level popularity, leaving a record of 'No.

Starting with the release of their first English album, ITZY is expected to perform even greater this year.


[[ Album Specifications]]

-3 types of photobooks

-CD-R 3 types

-PHOTOCARD 2 out of 26 Random


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