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ITZY (ITZY) - The 1st Album [CRAZY IN LOVE]

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*Album Specifications

[This article] ITZY/Yeji/Ria/Ryujin/Chaeryeong/Yuna VER. (6 types in total)
- 1 random photo book per album (6 photo books in total)
- 2 random photo cards per album (30 photo cards in total)
- Insert 2 random polaroids per album (10 polaroids in total)
- 1 random sticker pack per album (10 sticker packs in total)
- Insert 1 lyric paper per album (1 lyric paper in total)

[Pre-order Bonus/On Pack]
- 1 random folding poster per album (3 posters in total)
- 1 random special card set per album (2 sets of card sets)
- 1 random standing card per album (5 types of standing cards)
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peachkpop 음악 CD ITZY (ITZY) - The 1st Album [CRAZY IN LOVE]
$16.30 USD
$16.30 USD

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