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ITZY, the 2nd mini album 'IT'z ME' and the title song 'WANNABE' released on March 9th!

'one & only ME'
"Because I'm just perfect when I'm me"

- New album 'IT'z ME' = ITZY signature album! Monster Rookie → Rise of a trending girl group
- Title song 'WANNABE', ITZY's Teen Crush exhilarating pleasure!
- Powerful performance-visual-concept 3 beats upgraded MV!
- Debut song 'Dalla Dalla' reunion with the composer! 3 hits in a row

ITZY is taking over the music industry in 2020 with their signature album 'IT'z ME' with their own colors.

ITZY Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna step up from a 'monster rookie' to a 'trend girl group' through the second mini album 'IT'z ME', which expresses the real 'me'.

The title song 'WANNABE' conveys the message of 'one & only ME' to show my own color without being bound by other people's standards. With unstoppable lyrics such as "I live and my life is mine anyway" and "No matter what anyone says, I am me, I just want to be myself", I proudly exclaim that I am the only subject of my life, giving listeners a catharsis.

The reunion with War of Stars *(GALACTIKA *), the best composition team that created explosive synergy in the previous work ‘Dala Dala’, gathered a lot of attention early on. 'WANNABE' is a fusion groove track that combines the strengths of several genres such as EDM, house, and hip-hop in one song. It is expected to hit the K-pop market once again with its addictive melody.

The new album includes the title song 'TING TING TING with Oliver Heldens', 'THAT'S A NO NO', 'NOBODY LIKE YOU', 'YOU MAKE' ME' (You Make Me), 'I Don't WANNA DANCE', '24HRS' (24 hours), a total of 7 new songs are included.

In the new album credit, brilliant composers put their names up and completed the alum. The 4th track 'NOBODY LIKE YOU' was written by Yubin from Wonder Girls and composed and arranged by Collapsedone, who worked on Twice's 'KNOCK KNOCK' and 'What is Love?' A song I participated in. ITZY, Yubin, and Lee Woo-min can feel the charm of this new combination.

It is predicted that ITZY's fierce momentum, the 'emerging powerhouse of views', which has surpassed 100 million views in both music videos of active songs, will gain more momentum in this 'WANNABE'. The upgraded visual and ITZY's teen crush concept harmonized to create a music video that you don't want to miss even for a second.

It conveys the freedom and energy of those who break the mold by throwing off high heels and walking barefoot on the runway, messing up a well-prepared table, and feeling liberated by cutting their own hair.

In particular, in the powerful group dance scene, it stimulates infinite regeneration by proving the ability of a 'stage craftsman'. The sharp choreography that cannot take their eyes off and the point choreography that is sure to control the intensity give thrilling pleasure to the viewers.

ITZY appeared in the music industry like a comet on February 12, 2019 and wrote a new K-pop girl group history with their debut songs 'DALLA DALLA' and 'ICY'. It led the 'ITZY craze' by setting numerous records such as surpassing 100 million views for two consecutive music videos, 1st place on a terrestrial music broadcast in the shortest period of time based on K-pop girl groups, and 10 rookie awards. And in 2020, with the second mini-album 'IT'z ME', which was painted in a more vivid and vivid color, he started to aim for a '3rd consecutive hit'. Interest is being drawn on ITZY's unrivaled move, which will emerge as a 'wannabe' of a K-pop girl group from a rising star following the genealogy of 'JYP, a famous girl group'.

It is expected that a brighter light will pour into ITZY and their future, which turns the public's expectations into satisfaction by showing the one and only ‘me’ in the world.


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