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[CRAZY IN LOVE] Special Edition (PHOTOBOOK ver.)

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'K-pop 4th generation representative girl group' ITZY releases its first full album <CRAZY IN LOVE> and the title song 'LOCO' simultaneously worldwide on September 24

- Third meeting with the hit composition team Star Wars * (GALACTIKA *)! 'Dalla Dalla', 'WANNABE' New masterpieces are coming soon!
- The title song 'LOCO', a 'crazy' love song sung by ITZY! Intense emotional attraction expressed in Generation Z's way of speaking!
- The first full-length album everyone has been waiting for! A new album and title song boasting the highest level of perfection, aim for the music industry in the second half of 2021!

ITZY will release their first full album <CRAZY IN LOVE> and the title song 'LOCO' simultaneously around the world on September 24 and make a splendid comeback.

ITZY released their 4th mini album <GUESS WHO> on April 30 and the title song 'Ma.P.A. In the morning' (Mafia in the Morning) achieved clear results in the US and other foreign charts. It achieved a feat of simultaneously entering the Billboard 200 and Artist 100, the main charts of US Billboard, and proved its remarkable growth by breaking its own record on the global top 200 chart of global music platform Spotify. With a wild concept and the strongest performance, they showed the momentum of a 'K-pop front group', and they are taking a stronger step towards the world stage with their first full-length album <CRAZY IN LOVE> released after their debut.

The title song 'LOCO' can meet the new image of ITZY, which never loses its dignity based on their belief in themselves. Those who didn't seem to be thirsty for love eventually confess that they fell deeply in love, pouring out words such as "You make me half crazy" and "Oh Gosh this is like sweet poison", singing intense emotional attraction.

The third meeting with the hit songwriting team War of Stars * (GALACTIKA *), who proved the fantastic chemistry through the representative songs ‘DALLA DALLA’ and ‘WANNABE’ (WANNABE), foreshadows the birth of another masterpiece. War of Stars * (GALACTIKA *)'s trademark Fusion Groove was combined with Latin dance, mumbaton and trap sounds to create ITZY's signature 'Neo Fusion Groove' genre. The title 'LOCO', another word for 'Crazy' derived from Latin, was brought to the fore, and the state of being swept away by the vortex of love was expressed with a sprinting sound.
This is also reflected in the new visual concept and music video. With a collage of different textures and daring hair styling, the emotional changes like a roller coaster were revealed. The music video, which depicts the huge emotional fluctuations that occurred in a moment when the other person was absent, boasts an unprecedented scale and provides an immersive feeling that cannot take your eyes off of it. In addition to visualizing the huge emotion of love with bulldozers, dynamite, and numerous gift boxes, it leaves a strong and huge impact by expressing the image of a group dancing in front of an outdoor electric billboard.

The new album is foreshadowing the birth of an alum that will hit the music scene in the second half of 2021 with the participation of leading domestic and foreign writers. Including the title song 'LOCO', 'SWIPE', 'Sooo LUCKY', '#Twenty' (#Twenty), 'B[OO]M-BOXX' (Boombox), 'Gas' Me Up', 'LOVE is', 'Chillin' Chillin', 'Mirror', etc. were first released, and the representative songs 'Dalla Dalla', ' ICY', 'WANNABE', 'Not Shy', 'M.P.A. In the morning' and 'LOCO', as well as the English version of the title song 'LOCO', a total of 16 tracks are recorded, which is expected to give K-pop fans around the world a full sense of satisfaction.

Generation Z, who appeared like a comet in the vast K-pop realm in February 2019, established a unique identity and established themselves as a wannabe of many people, met someone they love more than themselves and express their new feelings honestly and confidently. With its down charm, it once again attracts listeners with the power of irresistible love.

With the new album <CRAZY IN LOVE>, which boasts the highest level of perfection, ITZY is expected to quench the thirst of domestic and foreign fans who have been eagerly waiting for the full album, and to show off its unrivaled presence on the world stage.


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