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It'S SKIN TIGER CICA Green Chill Down Gel Cream 100ml

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  • COOLING FOR HEATED SKIN : Gel cream featuring a brisk sensation and cooling ingredients to soothe heated skin.
  • INSTANT SOOTHING FOR TROUBLED SKIN : Hydrating gel cream that provides instant soothing effect for sensitive skin flushed by irritation and troubles through rich moisture with a cooling sensation, which also prevents the further development of troubles.
  • SKIN RELAXING GEL CREAM : Centella asiatica, eoseongcho and even the skin trouble shooter, tea tree! Cream containing an abundance of soothing ingredients to soothe problematic areas and relax the skin.
  • RICH IN CALMING INGREDIENTS : Soothes problematic areas and purifies skin with houttuynia cordata extract (eoseongcho extract) featuring excellent sterilization, salvia officinalis (sage) leaf extract, which controls sebum production and acne, and melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) leaf extract for its outstanding skin trouble relief.
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